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Tue 17 Sep 2019
at 16:24
Forever DM wants to play a game
That's pretty much it. I want to play in a game for once instead of running it. I've come up with some good NPCs that would be cool to rebuild them to be legitimate PCs. I also have some ideas for nonviable NPCs but would make great PCs. I'm familiar with 3.5, 5e, pathfinder 1e and 2e.
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Tue 24 Sep 2019
at 02:23
Forever DM wants to play a game
I used to run a game with a homebrew of the Risus system. You wouldn't have to know anything about the system to play, but it is easy to learn if you wanted to learn it.

My game is set in my own fantasy world, and there are different eras with different systems & levels of magic and technology. You name the level of magic and the level of technology, and I'll place your character in that setting in a way that fits in with the overall timeline. I'm quick at writing stories, so I think it would be fun. If you want to do some environment building, I can place you in a world I haven't done much design with yet.

What are your thoughts? If you want to give it a try, PM me a character name, race, and up to 5 tropes/stereotypes or a paragraph that would describe what the character can do and is like.

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Fri 4 Oct 2019
at 20:17
Forever DM wants to play a game
I am starting a game. The starting level is flexible. But the idea is you bring the character I bring the story. I am not going to put arbitrarily restrictions on things as long as it is from a recognized dnd 3.5 resource.

link to another game

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