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Sat 12 Oct 2019
at 10:56
D&D 3.5: 15th level or higher, and GM'a call on gestalt.
I played gestalt for SO many years, and seldom was I able to play non-gestalt games. I play one epic character that is not gestalt, and that's the only D&D game I currently play. I'm fine for gestalt, as it's popular among people I know and get along with, but non-gestalt would be fine.

Here is what I really need to enjoy the character I have in mind.

  1. Char Level 15
  2. 32-point buy or rolling more generous than core.
  3. Complete Warrior
  4. DMG
  5. Complete Arcane
  6. Magic Item Compendium
  7. PHB
  8. An issue(s?) of Dragon, the one with the "...of the Mage" feats.

Here is what I would like:
  1. Arms & Equipment, really for miscellenous equipment mundane and magical; like the soaking sponge and other things that aren't ever reproduced, but never seemed game breaking.
  2. Unearth Arcana with clear limitations based on the GM and players' desires. I don't like the vitality and wounds system, AC and DR, and sanity and taint type systems, but anything else I can tolerate. I really just want to use the Half Elf Paragon PrC and then either elf paragon or human paragon depending on other factors. If I get to use half-elf paragon, I would really also want the half-elf being slightly improved, as in the sidebar, that gives them the skill bonus of humans, but not the feat.
  3. To allow a magic item's spell-like ability to synergize with a class feature. I'm going to have the spell in question, but it would be a cool addition if the magic item could synergize with the class features. It's such a niche PrC I think it would be more of an improvement toward balance, then making the PrC break balance. I don't require consideration, and I don't want to ignore valid arguments of why I shouldn't be allowed to, I would just like to discuss it. I'm content if the debate is shelved, avoided, or ended. It's just a want, not a need.
  4. No Bo9S/ToB classes allowed. If you, the GM, or another player really have to use it ToB, I'll concede the point. I just prefer to play such classes where they are more fitting, 4e D&D. It's just personal preference. As I like 4e! When I see ToB classes, it's more likely to make me want to play 4e, and that's not what I want when I'm concentrating on 3.5. It's a major distraction, not necessarily a problem.
  5. Mapped out combats, with more then ASCII. I like visuals, it helps immerse me.
  6. 60%/40% non-combat/combat posts. I like combat, I don't need it to be obligatory if we hit a streak of good roleplaying and discussion. I'd just like to balance it out, with maybe a brief dungeon crawl. Reverse that as well, if we do a dungeon crawl, I'd like to see a downtime, or non-conflict discussions that give a bit of levity and character development.

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Tue 19 Nov 2019
at 19:57
D&D 3.5: 15th level or higher, and GM'a call on gestalt.
Still looking! Though I should note, the things I would like are not necessary to pursue and enjoy a game. They are just added perks from strong preference. It's also not an all or nothing concession. If you can't fulfill some of my preferences, I would appreciate those you can, if any.