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Sun 13 Oct 2019
at 21:48
Selfish GM request (but could be fun!)
So I know the underlying concept here is rather selfish, but I do think it could lead to some really good roleplay. Iím asking for someone to run a solo or small group game (no more than 4). But, that posts at my rate. I run a few games on RPoL and they require my first available attention here, but I would really enjoy playing in a game where I donít have to worry about posting everyday or even once a week (I will definitely post more than once a week likely but having the option not to is what I mean). On the flip side, I ask whoever is involved be able to post as often as I can. So if Iím posting 3 times a day, or back to back Iíd like the others to be able to match that pace.

So basically, a game I can ďpauseĒ. This is because I really want to explore and engage a world. I want long in depth conversations with NPCs, entire story arcs acted out, lands explored, and a world built. It can be the GMs home brewed world, another prebuilt world, we can build as we go along, whatever. I just want to be able to explore ruins and mysterious places and vibrant cities. Iíd like for their to be secrets and plots uncovered, NPC interaction, but combat as well. How detailed and tactical combat gets will depend on the system.

So, what about the setting and system? Well given the nature of the request I honestly wonít mind what the GM wants in this regard. My life has been blessed enough that I have had the extra money to purchase just about every core rules of most popular rpgs out there. I donít have any favorites either. Iíve currently been interested in systems like GURPS and Pathfinder 1e, but Iíll be open to anything, including Freeform. Here are some things Iím looking for that may influence the system choice-

Iíd like for the ability to really have an in depth character creation. Whether thatís just you and I going back and forth and figuring out who my ancestors were in this world, where and to who was I born, what was my childhood like, and then other details up until the point we begin or using a system that lets me get really creative with my origins story like Traveller Iím good either way. I do like lots of customization options and choices but Iím a creative person so Iíll make any system work.

Typically I like grim epic fantasy like Lord of The Rings, post apocalyptic of any kind, sci-fi is a always a favorite of mine, and then lately Iíve been really interested in fantasy that involves ďThe GodsĒ and magic. I like the concept of discovering ancient items that are of real power and have history to them that I can uncover. I enjoyed playing Skyrim for that very reason, talking to NPCs learning about hidden locations or simply exploring and then stumbling upon dungeons or caves with magical items inside and stories to uncover from long past events about the gods and then sometimes even encountering those historical figures or their spirits..

In that regard I suppose it may be that I enjoy old school dungeon type games, or old school exploration games.

If we do go sci fi, pirate, steampunk or anything else that makes sense for me to need transportation Iíd like to have my own vehicle I can customize. If thereís a team or crew Iíd prefer to be the captain or leader, unless itís a military specific game and then we can talk about starting rank.

Some additional notes and ideas;
I would love a realistic war game. Special Ops, ww2, sci-fi, or even medieval or apocalyptic. As long as itís a band of brothers going to war in a desperate and real type game Iíll love it.
A simple fantasy or sci-fi world I could actually really enjoy having an entire life in. Let me adventure but also develop meaningful relationships and things to come back to or build.
Attempting to survive in an apocalyptic world. Would be interesting to try out as the military and fighting zombies only to lose and have to survive the hell that follows.
I love shows like The 100 (love this setting) Falling Skies, and The Walking Dead. Movies like interstellar and inception that are heavy on sci-fi intellectual and thought intrigue me and will keep me going for hours.
I love Horror and hunting supernatural monsters or call of Cthulhu type games

Any rating will work with me.

Rmail me if youíre interested, as Iím willing to work with any GM on a system or setting or discuss further details. Thanks for reading!