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Wed 16 Oct 2019
at 21:01
GURPS Assassin's Creed
Short version, I want to play an assassin in Assassin's Creed universe.

I would like to play during a time we haven't seen yet. The 1920s would be dope, a Gangster Assassin would be sweet. A hitman turned assassin or something to that effect. Something during the 1960s with the assassination of JFK, as we know what happened there. Even something now or a few years ago with everything going on. If you're really feeling, something in the future they keep showing but very little action. I'm not opposed to other countries but I certainly know US History and current events the best.

Two approaches to character generation. If you're willing to go solo, screw the points. I just want an accurate representation of an assassin's skill which there would be a lot. If I'm alllow to be comparable to the main protagonist in all the games. Otherwise, pretty high with a few freebies that all of them have. It would be cinematic and lethal but not really gritty. You can take down like a dozen guards in melee combat if you know what you're doing.