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Thu 17 Oct 2019
at 21:46
3PP Pathfinder (1e)
Good evening!

I'm Davtehprophet, and I'm looking for a chance to play in a Pathfinder 1e game.  I got into TTRPGs during 3.5e, and despite the flaws in the system it's one I know and love.  However, one aspect has rubbed me the wrong way since I taught myself to play using the beginner's set is Vancian Casting.

As such, I'd really like the opportunity to play in a game that allows some variant system of magic.  Drop Dead Studios' Spheres of Power, Dreamscarred Press's Psionics or Akashic magic, or one of Interjection Games' Strange Magics would all be possibilities.

Beyond that, my favorite sorts of game are hexcrawls, just being able to explore vast spaces and discover and chase plot points across the map are great.  Background Skills and Downtime can be fun, Feat Tax fixes are always nice, Gestalt can help a 3-man team round out their skill sets, and games level 5+ are pretty cool.

Honestly though, as long as non-vancian casting is involved (and plane-shifts to MLP land or something equally ridiculous are out) I'm game.

Thanks for reading!
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Thu 31 Oct 2019
at 21:55
3PP Pathfinder (1e)
First bump!

No bites on my first post, but Pathfinder isn't as popular here as on other pbp forums so that's kind of expected.  I figured I'd toss out some character concepts.

The MoMM:
Prerequisites: Multiple magic systems, level 5+
Other options: Gestalt, tristalt.
The primary focus of this character is a high intelligence caster using as many 'theurge' style prestige classes as I can.  Incanter/Spell Sage Wizard/Bokor, Psion/Vizier/Amplifier, and Truenamer/Ethermancer/Polycosmic Theurge are my thoughts on builds.  Lawful alignment, focus on knowledge skills.

The Witchknight
Prerequisites: Some form of 'Wild Caster' in the party. (Witch, Druid, etc)
Maybe a Mageknight or Prodigy. A warrior imbued with nature magic by a coven, following and protecting a member of said coven.  High Wis, wilderness survival skills.
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 No 3pp?
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Fri 15 Nov 2019
at 03:53
3PP Pathfinder (1e)
Another 2 weeks of nothing, but I'll give it another go!

I'm a 3pp Pathfinder fan.  Vancian Casting sucks.  It's always sucked.  A sacred cow it should've stayed dead following 4e, but that's neither here nor there.

I want in on a Pathfinder game that allows some form of 3pp casting.  My personal preference is for the Spheres systems published by Drop Dead Studios, both for the non-vancian casting and the Martial buffs provided by Spheres of Might.  Next up is Ethermagic,  Truenaming, Runesmithing, and Pact Magic.  DSP's Akashic and Psionics are acceptable, and I can tolerate Path of War if I must.

At this point I'd settle for a Legendary Kineticist.

My first post describes my favorite sorts of games, but as long as the game isn't too 'silly' I'm in.

Hope to hear from a prospective GM soon, thanks for your time!