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Mon 28 Oct 2019
at 21:58
I really need a superhero game in my life...
What it says on the tin, really :)

I'd really, really want to play in some sort of superhero RP. I'm quite flexible when it comes to the specifics: the style, comic book era etc. - let me just note that I'm usually not that enamoured with Golden Age superheroics. Also, my current ideas lean a bit toward somewhat darker stuff (cyborgs, Swamp Thing-style comic book horror etc.)... But overall, I'm open to discussion!

What I'd definitely want to see in such a game, is an interesting story with interesting antagonists / villains. I'd prefer this to be a solo game, as I'm very poor these days with keeping up with other players. Also, I'd want the game to last - I've been in too many superhero games that petered out way too soon...

When it comes to systems, my preference would be M&M 3E (I really want to learn this system) or 2E (this system I know relatively well). Aside from that, I can also try Savage Worlds (with the Super-Powers Companion) and GURPS.

Any takers? If so, please rMail me!