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Tue 29 Oct 2019
at 17:03
Semi-Casual D&D/Pathfinder game
Hi all,

I was looking for a GM to run a semi-casual campaign. The goal is to post daily and keep the story moving, but sometimes job/family/life gets in the way and things may slow down a bit (on both sides). Communication is key!

I am pretty familiar with D&D 5e, but I'm open to running an older version or another similar system i.e Pathfinder, Homebrew, or the like. Ideally it would be a small group of people, 1 or 2 other party members, but I'm also open to the game being solo. A classic "Fantasy" setting would be great(LoTR, Elder Scrolls, GoT), but I'm pretty open to variation.

Let me know if this sounds good to you!