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Mon 11 Nov 2019
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Exalted, Infernal themes.
Because everyone loves to hate exalted.
I have a character concept I never had the chance to try in an Exalted game - probably because I'm kind of lacking in groups that won't run away screaming at the first mention of the system. I'm fine with playing both second (2.5E, please) edition and the fan conversion for third (I'm pretty sure there's at least one in a playable state).

Anyway, here's the pitch: a Fiend - possibly even somewhat a decent person at heart - off to play a very political (and ridiculously large-scale) game - things like:
 - Currying favor with the courts of elemental and terrestrial gods to expand the scope of the Fiend's diplomatic immunity. And from there, who knows - maybe to Heaven itself.
 - Fight improbable legal battles in favor of (at least) first circle demons to give them rights and protections more similar to a summoned Elemental - and on the other end forge world-shaking compacts to start bringing lesser forms of Elemental summoning into the purview of Infernal Sorcery
 - Play things closer to home and 'simply' cajole more Yozi into opening their charmsets to the Infernal Host, with bonus 'super hard' achievements involving travels to weird what-if dimension to unlock powers that could have been (Theion) or Bigger and Weirder names like Gaia, Autochton and the assorted Neverborn (a completely different problem for a completely different moment involves finding out if 'I have robocancer' and 'I'm stuck in a tomb and can feel only pain' are actual parts of the charmsets of the latter two and what to do about it)

They're all ideas we can tinker with, and any of them can by itself form the basis of an entire campaign - but it clearly has to be a campaign where it's at least POSSIBLE to do that kind of thing through sheer awesome politicking, not 'make your own version of Shinmaic Calibration and spam that until the world is in your image, pleb'.

Multi-splats and other characters: I have nothing against multi-splat games, and in fact I feel this particular one would only have to gain from it. Characters don't even have to be an actual Circle - just to have aims not particularly at odds with each other and the willingness to call up a supposed enemy from time to time for some reciprocal back-scratching. We have all read and/or watched Good Omens.
Though you're a bad person if you only watched it.

Even then, Exalts are larger-than-life characters, and with the right GM I feel they play better if they have interlocked-but-separated adventures. But this is a matter for after I do get an interested GM.

About high-Essence stuff: well, the Fiend anima power is probably going to be pretty central to this character (No, not the ability to pick Principle of Motion - the other part of the anima power), so I don't see him rushing for Devil Tiger.

On the other hand, the whole 'I have a Soul Pantheon now' part of the Devil-Tiger set (WHY is it locked behind Devil-Tiger, damn it!?), along with the 'Maybe I won't actually die at 100 even if TED is a dick' bits are really cool, so... we'll worry about it if the game A)Starts and B)Gets to that point.

About homebrew material: I'd like to see these AT LEAST not hard-noped, both for developing our own custom stuff and for access to some of the awesome things you can find on the internet.

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Mon 11 Nov 2019
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Re: Exalted, Infernal themes.
I'm kind of lacking in groups that won't run away screaming at the first mention of the system.

It's a great system. Those are bad people.
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Mon 11 Nov 2019
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Re: Exalted, Infernal themes.
In reply to Ekorren (msg # 2):

Hey, it's already hard enough to manage to find some not of the "Give me Pathfinder of give me death" crowd around here, I can't be too picky!