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Thu 21 Nov 2019
at 16:23
Blades in the Dark

I've never played Blades in the Dark before but would like to try (as a player, obviously).

Any GMs willing to get a game together...? (Or is anyone ALREADY doing a BitD game and needs a new player...?)
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Thu 21 Nov 2019
at 22:58
Blades in the Dark
I've got the book.

Except for one rpol game that kinda faltered kinda quick, I've never had the chance to play it, let alone run it.  So there'll be a learning curve as a GM.

Because of this, I can't make any guarantees that the game will stick around for a while.  But I'm willing to give it a shot.

link to another game
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Fri 22 Nov 2019
at 03:59
Blades in the Dark
In reply to jait (msg # 2):

I've got the book, I've played and run games here. It's sorta good for play-by-post if everyone participating is fluent in the system and willing to give input.

The game is really meant to be fast and exciting and that can be difficult to translate to a play-by-post style of play.