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Wed 27 Nov 2019
at 19:10
Pathfinder 1E Solo, willing to reciprocate
  Hi all.  I'm looking for a solo game.  I'm pretty flexible (see below for my wishlist), but I realize on rpol, it's kind of a gamble to run a solo game.  So if you'd like, I'm willing to GM a solo game for you in return, to help us both remain invested.

For the game I'll be playing, these are the qualities I enjoy most:
  Active pace: either 3 posts a week or a post on each weekday.
  Flexibility: I would prefer gestalt play, to be able to handle a higher variety of challenges.
  Setting: I really like Eberron, but I'm pretty flexible, as long as you don't expect me to be too familiar with anything else.  One thing I do prefer is to see the impact of my character's actions on the game world.  It gives the campaign a sense of continuity.
  Tone: I enjoy horror, cinematic adventure, and intrigue.

For the game you'll be playing (if you choose that), you'll determine most the parameters.
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Wed 27 Nov 2019
at 20:51
Pathfinder 1E Solo, willing to reciprocate
In reply to Jarilye (msg # 1):

This reminds me of a thing.

It's not quite the same but it's in a similar vein (though I don't know how well it works in D&DFinder...). Sort of like cooperative storytelling, where the concepts of "GM" and "Player" are a bit blurred. Pretty much like what you were suggesting actually but instead of 2 separate worlds/campaigns they are connected in some way...and as long as each participant (I hesitate to say player because again it's a bit blurry) is okay with a character, NPC, or worldbuilding concept then it works out. Though I do wonder if there are better systems for something in this vein than PF/D&D...
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Thu 28 Nov 2019
at 23:36
Pathfinder 1E Solo, willing to reciprocate
i'm not able to run another game right now, but two thoughts come to mind.

1) you could each play past lives of the same immortal hero. said hero keeps getting reincarnated and has lived hundreds of lives through the ages. you could time jump through the history of whatever game world you run in.

2) you play the same character, with a catch. there are multiple "people" in the same body. thus, whenever a triggering event happens, you switch which one of you is player and which is DM. you could have different stats, even different classes. this would require a certain level of cooperative storytelling, as whatever situation the character is in when the triggering event happens is where the new DM would need to take over. i think i would recommend a random triggering event that each new DM comes up with. that way, no NPC (or even the players) would be able to predict the trigger and activate it on purpose.