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Thu 28 Nov 2019
at 23:45
Looking for a few games
So, I've been out of action for various reasons for about a year, and looking to get into playing. Whilst I'm willing to try any system, the following are the ones I'm most comfortable with/have the rules to, and would most like to get into a game of, in no particular order

Pathfinder (1E)
DnD 3.5E
DnD 5E
Cinematic Unisystem - BTVS and Angel
Mutants and Masterminds - 2E
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Wed 4 Dec 2019
at 16:48
Looking for a few games
I have a spot you could take if you want it. But there are somethings you would need to know.

1) I am running a 3.5 game.
2) I use rules as written, flaws and all.
3) there are large areas where the wind is (rules as written) too strong for tiny creatures to fly.
4) character sheet copied to the character sheet area of the game. (Not a link to mythweavers, or another off-site hosting site)
5) you are entering a world at war, and everyone wants to kill you, including the animals (both wild and "domesticated")
6) alliances are critical to survival, and is a constant act of choosing the lesser of many evils.
7) morality and alignment are not confirmed to nine neat little boxes.

If you don't have a problem with these possible changes, and you are willing to abide by the code of conduct of a mature game. Please drop in.

link to another game

There are spots for ECL 12, but I recommend starting at ECL 6
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Mon 9 Dec 2019
at 06:36
Looking for a few games
Still looking for some games.
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Mon 9 Dec 2019
at 16:36
Looking for a few games
Drop by one of my games, always looking for AD&D 1st ed players.
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Wed 18 Dec 2019
at 21:41
Looking for a few games
It's a Birthright setting game, probably PF2, maybe 5e, we'll see.

link to a message in another game
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Wed 18 Dec 2019
at 23:35
Looking for a few games
Got several games looking for PC's as well.

Wheel of Time
DND 3.5
Star Wars Revised Edition
Walking Dead (Free Form)