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Wed 4 Dec 2019
at 21:05
Dungeon-Crawl & Loot, maybe more? D&D 5E
Man, do those games fill up quick, am I right? Looking to get my dungeon-crawling looting on with anyone willing to run a D&D 5E campaign, could be prewritten or homebrew as long as all D&D materials apply. I'm really basic in terms of what I'm looking for, I would like to just adventure through a high fantasy world, but would enjoy more elements if they're thrown in, like political intrigue and such. I'm leaning towards a fighter with maybe some arcana thrown in there, so preferably not starting at level 1. I tend to lean towards smaller parties that can keep the narrative and game going, or even a solo adventure could be fun.

Thanks in advance!
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Thu 5 Dec 2019
at 14:54
Dungeon-Crawl & Loot, maybe more? D&D 5E
When you say all D&D materials apply, do you mean:

  • All 'official' Wizards material (AL-playable only)
  • All Wizards material (including Unearthed Arcana)
  • Any released material (including 3rd party)

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Thu 5 Dec 2019
at 15:15
Dungeon-Crawl & Loot, maybe more? D&D 5E
Hi jdrmm,
I am attempting to inject some new blood into my game. I have a spot for a new character or several NPCs and previously played characters if you are interested in trying to take someone over (if you consider that fun/challenging).

There is a lot of material and I would do you disservice by not divulging that I recently am 'getting back into' 5e after losing it for a bit. I have every intention of keeping the game moving forward.

The game itself will have elements of dungeon-crawling (they are kind of in one right now) but most of it is warfare similar to Red Hand of Doom and others.

Keep in mind most my stuff is set to private but I can add as lurker if you are interested. Thanks for the read.

link to another game
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Thu 5 Dec 2019
at 21:43
Dungeon-Crawl & Loot, maybe more? D&D 5E
In reply to DaCuseFrog (msg # 2):

Hello! Any of those would be fine as long as the DM can explain key points for materials I don't have or cannot look up on my own. As long as it's playable in 5E, I'm cool with it.

In reply to Ronning (msg # 3):

Thank you for the link to your game! I will go read up on it and if I'm still interested, I'll send you a PM.