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Fri 6 Dec 2019
at 04:53
5E solo or small group for Cleric or Druid
Looking to play in a 5E game after the hectic holidays are over. Increased workload and holiday activities with family would probably prevent me from realistically starting right now but, we could at least start commuting and prepping beforehand.

What I'm looking for is:

-A DnD 5e game

-Prefer solor or small group (3 max)

-Something above 1st level (at least 3+ if not a bit higher). I have a library of lvl 1 characters from games that died off nearly as quickly as they started.

-In all my time playing 5e, I've never actually played a Druid or Cleric so I think I would like to go one of those routes.
    side note: wanting to play a divine class doesn't necessarily mean I want to be the sole "heal-bot" of the game

-Although I'm open to jumping into an existing game, I would rather prefer to start something new.

Send me an rmail if you would be interested in working with me on this.