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Thu 26 Dec 2019
at 12:07
Seeking terrible things
Kinda struggling with time and health issues at present (so no suggestions that need daily+ posts/posts of extreme length to keep up with, please) but dang I miss being a player.

I'm looking for any genuine horror game, TBH. By 'genuine' I mean a game that understands that horrible things, such as you might see on the news, aren't actually horrific, in the sense of Things Reality Should Not Logically Contain: those that provoke a sense of strangeness and subsurface unease. Witchcraft that eats your soul with rot; cultists that pass for ordinary until they drag you out back to the altar of an unknown god who's nonetheless right there and devours you like no beast. Body horror-inducing curses. Unique and dreadful monsters; terrifyingly, pityably unreasonable ghosts; bleak, amoral cosmic horror and an Unknown that only goes deeper the further you explore.

On the other end of the spectrum I'll take mindless murder-mayhem, so long as it stays cartoonishly exuberant and non-exploitative (i.e. everyone goes in the same equal-opportunities woodchipper) or/and lets me do the murdering. Need a villain? I can do villians, any rating any genre any sort.

I like other genres, but running around screaming (or causing screaming) is about as much as I'm up to right now, so...thanks for reading, if you have a thing I might be up for, feel free to let me know. Most familiar with CoC and Savage Worlds systems, have worked out a decent RPoL hack for Dread I'm willing to share, will try most things. Would particularly enjoy folk or forest-based horror, haunted houses, railroad vampires, cannibal hill clans, historical settings. Not particularly interested in Adult-rated or super-long games.

edit: some bolding added 12/1/20.

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Fri 27 Dec 2019
at 09:45
Seeking terrible things
I have this if you are interested:

This game is rated adult.

link to another game

It is a horror game set in a university.

Last term the old dean hung herself and her secretary went insane.

Something has woken up. We know at least some of the staff know this and they performed a botched ritual last term to get rid of it.

A student recently sketched a precognitive sketch of a naked man lying face down in a lake.

The Art teacher has just painted one of his students and the painting is doing creepy things whilst he takes advantage of her.

David, a young boy, sees monsters and is being stalked by one (The Red Faced Man)

A senior student who was involved in the botched ritual has just been found ritually murdered in her dorm.
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Fri 27 Dec 2019
at 14:27
Seeking terrible things
Thank you for taking time to respond. However, the game described has none of my preferences and several of my major dislikes as described above (the Adult rating-exploitation combo seals a big Nope from me), so it's best I give it a miss.

As an addition to my first post, there are a couple of factors that might induce me to make an exception to my avoidance of A-rated works: if it's purely for ludicrous gore fountains and flying guts in a slasher or, at a longer shot...well, if it can be described as "eldritch" and "not remotely humanoid" and it's suggesting a candlelit dinner in the cursed barn beside the old forest...might just see what happens.

edit: or if someone needs an eldritch abomination of terrifying form and size willing to invite relatively humanoid persons to a candlelit dinner in the cursed barn...you get the idea.

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Sun 12 Jan 2020
at 10:36
Seeking terrible things

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Wed 22 Jan 2020
at 18:15
Seeking terrible things
I'll also take deeply weird fantasy: though I'm scared of the seeming complexity of Nunemera (sp?), I might be induced to try it given a patient enough GM.

Also willing to be herded around Blades in the Dark until I'm better at it.

Already pretty good at Call of Cthulhu, though I don't like modern settings much. 1000% on board for Dark Ages, though.

I love Deadlands, providing the GM isn't crazy into the lore and knows how to handle the various Issues with the setting.

Can freeform like a champ.

An extra note on the offer of villainy: I can play bigots and realistic sociopaths! Tired of boring and generic Vader/Joker-wannabes who're cruel without charisma, cartoon Nazis who never go home and pet their dogs? Want complexity in an adversary? Someone the players love to hate or/and really want to murder? I can give you anyone/thing on the sliding scale from 'anti-hero' to 'monster'. Beasts, stalkers, slashers, climbers of social ladders, gangsters, warlords...