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Sat 4 Jan 2020
at 21:59
Exalted 3E (Masters of Creation and Beyond)
We're looking for a ST for an ongoing Adult-rated game of Exalted.

The cast is highly loyal, have been around for years. We lost our ST a while back and no one has really stepped up to the plate to replace them. I did, in a limited way so now we're in a more 'CYOA' kinda sandbox setting but we really would love a more hands-on ST to help drive plot again.

So far, Masters of Creation and Beyond has 3 Zeniths, 2 Eclipses and 1 Twilight.
The PCs are currently based in the 100 Kingdoms after a Vaneha-led invasion.
More than a few Shadowlands have sprung up in the wake of this and two 2nd Circle demons have been either sighted or alluded to. Things are moving in the shadows and the puppet-masters are moving in position to do their worst but whether it's the Solars, the Lunars, the Guild, Realm, the Abyssals, the Sidereals or Infernals, no one has the complete picture!

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Fri 17 Jan 2020
at 07:02
Exalted 3E (Masters of Creation and Beyond)