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Fri 7 Feb 2020
at 20:36
Looking for a game - D&D 3.5 (preferred) or 5e
New to RPol but I used to play D&D 2.0 and 3.5, but that was 15-20 years ago.  Looking to try out a game.

Would prefer 3.5, but willing to try D&D 5.0 as well.

Would prefer to start in a new party at level 1; I've played as a cleric many times, a warrior a few times, a wizard once or twice, and never a rogue.  Tend to play NG-ish

Can probably post 2-3 times a week, maybe more if the stars align; I do travel for work so there may be times where I can't post quite as often, but will do my best to keep up.

I would probably consider myself a newbie since it's been so long, but I'll to my best to get up to speed as fast as possible.

Mature is ok I guess, but that's kind of a new area for me, I don't remember that being a big deal when I used to play.

Feel free to email me if you questions.  Thanks for looking.
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Fri 7 Feb 2020
at 20:53
Looking for a game - D&D 3.5 (preferred) or 5e

You may have already figured this out, but since you mentioned that you are new to RPoL, I thought that I'd go ahead and mention it. In addition to tossing your hat into the ring in this thread, you will probably want to also keep an eye on the "Wanted -- Players" thread.

When new D&D games start up, the DM will usually post an advertisement there. D&D games are fairly common here on RPoL, so hopefully you can find something that appeals to you.

Good luck!

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Fri 7 Feb 2020
at 21:05
Looking for a game - D&D 3.5 (preferred) or 5e
In reply to Tancred (msg # 2):

I did, but thanks for the reminder anyways.
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Sat 8 Feb 2020
at 12:35
Looking for a game - D&D 3.5 (preferred) or 5e
You are one of the gems among stones on a pebble beach. :) If you want to start at level 1, and have missed out on a lot of 3.5, I would love, love, LOVE to DM a low level adventure for you that has modest but good potential for growth. I GMed this over ten years ago, and while I lost all the printed text I made (it's my "mod") most of it was meant to be fluid, and I've remembered the vast majority of what made it engaging and what mistakes I made.

Now, there are three paths this plot can go.

One is along the lines of Symphony of the Night. It's very gothic, not gritty or hsrdcore like the original NES titles, but still one where life and death, and the in between matter.

The next, or rather importantly another, path is against a giant nation. It's a David versus goliath battle of zero to legend. It has some bad introductions of being prisoner, and working your way out of the arena, which we can run through, or just have that be preamble and start with the group having escaped from a long baked plan that just hatched. You'd still be cobbled together level 1 characters either way, it's just whether you'd want to start with more gear, or more necessity (as players) to work together, and act quickly, rather than just plan for ages.

The final, or rather the other-other path, is against a cult of the demon lord of Gnolls. Gnolls and Orcs will be a large portion of the combats, even into the high single digits; many having class levels, many NPC class levels, many not. It will be like a roulette of whether the 8 gnolls you face are meager threats or certain death. It revolves around the chaos of chaos itself.

All three of these paths merge. At about level 10 to 13 you'll go through what I like to call the HK or high kill phase. Simply put it'll be a similar start but fro the previous carrying over.

There are also about...well at least 2....levels of setting your own marks, ambitions and goals, but much of it is very transparent environments evolving, slower than you, but continually, rather than you who will be just one character, and probably have downtime. The tides will change, ebb and flow.

That said, most of the story, the protagonists and locales are rather removed from the threats. Certainly some have been kidnapped, imprisoned or await sacrifice to a dark power. Most of the places you'll set up, shop/base of operations aren;t on the fringe; like the paths are. So travel speeds will have tangible effect. Whetehr it's walking, to riding, to riding phantom steeds and maybe even teleporting; cutting down years to months, months to weeks and even months to seconds; will all have a big effect on the speed.

There is one last note; this is a small mod, but I made it, and most of it will be improvised from memory and planned a little at a time. I can work with what YOU and the other players do, and show the reaction the effect the consequence of your deeds, or misdeeds; but If you want a purely sandbox game, where you set the dirction, the destination, the speed and route; this game isn't going to work for you, but I wish you the best.

I (think I) can bring a couple players to the table if we have trouble with a 3.5 fresh level 1 game catching attention. Sometimes people want to start at 3rd level. I truly don't know though, we (technically I) can ad for players and work from there.

My method for GMing, because of IRL stressors, is KISS though. Keep it super simple. Complications ALWAYS arise from player action (or RL getting in the way), or inaction (RL preventing me posting too). So I can post long drawn out posts like this, but those days on frequency have dwindled. I usually, as in probably 65% of the time, stick with short posts. This helps me keep to my post schedule, which is the biggest flaw of my GMing; my track record if horrible. I had good luck with this adventure so many years ago. It's...I of two games I've ever run for a good large story arc, beginning to end.

Let me know what you think. :)
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Sat 8 Feb 2020
at 17:49
Looking for a game - D&D 3.5 (preferred) or 5e
In reply to V_V (msg # 4):

Thanks for the offer but I was able to find a game.  I'd like to keep it to 1 for now until I see how it goes.

Good luck finding people though.