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Sun 9 Feb 2020
at 20:09
Looking for CO-GM for Adult Free Form Game "GR"
Hello, my fellow rPol-ers!

Link to Game ---> link to another game

I'm looking for yet another co-GM that can manage one of my two games called, "Glass Rose". Due to personal life complications, I won't be able to be as active as I have hoped on Rpol until I'm done with some classes in May of this year.

What I'm looking for in a CO-GM:
  1. Someone fair (looking at all sides) but also decisive/stern when it comes to conflict in-game or OOC.
  2. Doesn't mind stirring up conflict in-game (not looking for that OOC).
  3. Can post and or login to read messages/posts at least three times a week in-game or OOC (whichever is needed).

More about the game:
It's an ADULT rated game. Its genre is supernatural, fantasy, and modern/futuristic (set in 2029). It's a sandbox for now. I had originally planned for a part of the game to be a weekly tournament, but I wasn't as active in December/January as I had hoped. So, for now, it's a sandbox. There are players that work for SSPD (Seattle Supernatural Police Department) to solve cases of the supernatural variety. But there are also players who just work in Seattle and are happening to run into crime or run crime syndicates themselves.