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Mon 10 Feb 2020
at 01:35
Beginner-Friendly VtR Mystery Campaign

A Vampire the Requiem (2nd ed) game I just joined unfortunately died before it started and I've been left with the itch to play some Vampires.

I've never actually played a full game yet, as I don't know ppl in RL that play. I'm really hoping someone would be motivated to show me the ropes and run a small 3-5 player campaign.

Some recent inspirations of mine have been:
-the LA by Night podcast (I know that's V5, but I don't have that book yet; not sure I'll get it either until I know I'd actually get a chance to play)
-the show, Hannibal from Amazon Prime, seems to be a great illustration of sire/childe tension even though it's not vampire related. Also a detective show that inspires me.
-VtM:Bloodlines and the trailers for Bloodlines 2 that are coming out. One thing I used to love about Bloodlines was how the city just hid dark little secrets in dark little corners that you could just explore and learn about the world through.

So I had the idea for a game where the coterie might be low level clean up or working for the Sheriff or information brokers; something where we would be in charge of solving mysteries/murders or sniffing out secrets. Basically, neonates wake up to the undead world and slowly peel back the layers of how dark everything really is. General Horror ensues.
I don't mind some politics thrown in, as LA by Night has shown me that it can be done beautifully, but I really want a story-focused game about discovery as opposed to a sandbox player vs player political vying game.

I'm not a particularly active poster, but I get 2 posts a day occasionally. I only promise 2-3 a week though.

If anyone else is inspired for some Vampire basics or have some other cool ideas and want to run or play this game, I hope to hear from you!
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Thu 27 Feb 2020
at 18:26
Beginner-Friendly VtR Mystery Campaign
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Thu 27 Feb 2020
at 18:29
Beginner-Friendly VtR Mystery Campaign
I'm interested in playing in this as well. I'm a newbie to WoD and the VtR but I'm a quick learner.