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Fri 13 Mar 2020
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Solo (or Duo) D&D 5E Game
Hello prospective DMs and thanks for clicking on this ad!

To cut right to the chase, I'm looking for a DM interested in running a solo campaign.  (More info about the duo possibility further below.)  But what kind of campaign are we talking about?  Well, just about anything!  Now what do I mean by anything?  Well let's explore some possibilities.

Do you have a custom world or setting you'd like to explore?  Great, let's talk about it!  Or maybe there's a published campaign from 5th edition that you've always wanted to have the chance to run?  Cool!  Obviously you'll need to do some adjustments to fit the party size but we can discuss that too.  Or maybe you have a favorite campaign from past editions that you've always wanted to revisit?  Let's take a trip down nostalgia lane together!

So that covers settings but what about the actual concept of the campaign?  Well I'm not too picky there either.  From quiet espionage, assassination, or thievery to political intrigue.  Dangerous exploration and dungeon diving all the way to kingdoms and conquest.  And just about everything in between to outside of the box entirely.  I don't have a particular character concept, class, or scenario I want to see so let's decide what we can both enjoy together instead.

And speaking of character concepts, you didn't read wrong.  This isn't a hunger for a game because I have a character that's just never fit.  My wants are much simpler and possibly elusive than that.  I would consider myself a veteran roleplayer, having been playing RPGs and tabletop games since early high school fifteen years ago.  And while I've always dabbled in play-by-post and online forums, I've almost always had a group of friends to play with.  But that's changed for me, recently.  A move across country and a new house has left me without a surrounding gaggle of like-minded nerds to get my roleplaying fix.  Plus, I'm coming off of a year and a half long campaign so it's time for a change of pace!

But what exactly am I looking for then?  After all, the above has basically said I'm open to most anything that fits your agenda.  Well my agenda is both much less picky than most would expect and also a bit more demanding in its own ways.  To start, all I want is a fantasy game.  No sci-fi adapted settings, no modern-era roleplays, pure sword-and-board, spell-slinging fantasy.

Secondly, my concerns come with post times and regularity.  With what experience I have with play by post, I've come to understand that maintaining a pace and interest is one of the hardest parts of keeping a game alive.  Plus, we all have work schedules and other demands that life makes that keeps us from typing away in front of a bright computer monitor.  So my second ask is for us to be able to maintain some form of a schedule.  I work a 7 AM to 4 PM day (PST/GMT -8) and I always try to be in bed around 10 PM.  So there's generally a solid six hours in there where I can fit proper responses into a game.  So if we can maintain a post response each a day, that's great!  You know the hours you can expect me to be able to respond.  And no, I don't necessarily need such a stringent schedule.  But let's talk about that too.

The third concern I have is one of quality.  I get that some people who play D&D are here for the numbers and the treasure troves.  They want to roll dice, overcome a healthbar, and collect their reward.  That's not me.  Oh, I love those things too and I definitely do my best to learn the rules to work within them but to my advantage too.  But for me, D&D and roleplaying in general is more about the character.  Description, experiencing the personality of the character, exploring who they are and what makes them tick, and of course the others around them is so much more important to me than just getting to roll the next check.  If you're looking to write, to really tell a tale and spin a yarn, then you're the kind of DM I want.

So what else can I establish before we start discussing?  See below for a short list that will give you some other small preferences that can help us decide what we're both looking for.

-Adult themes and scenarios.  I don't mean pure smut and vulgarity but romantic, bordering erotic, scenes, dark and twisted encounters, and R-rated ideas are all welcome.  That doesn't mean compromising scenarios just for giggles or brutality for its own sake.

-Female lead.  If that changes the concepts you had in mind, I hope it's for the better!

-Starting levels.  I'd prefer to begin anywhere from level 1 to 3.  The growth of a character from barely being able to defeat a village guard to taking out the deep, dark evils lurking in the world leaves a magical journey to enjoy.

-Racial diversity.  I know that a lot of older campaigns and worlds inhibit this in certain ways but a wide variety of races makes everything so much more wild to me.  There's no reason Tieflings need to be seen as the ultimate evil or half-orcs need to be killed on sight, after all.

I hope the above wasn't too long winded but instead helps you decide if I'm the right player for you to DM for!  If you're interested, please send me an RMail rather than replying to this thread as I'd prefer to keep things from being overly hectic down below.  Thanks for reading and I hope we can talk soon!


Oh, you think I forgot about that parenthesis about the duo player?  Of course not!  So then what do I mean about the possibility of a duo player?  Do I have a friend looking to possibly join?  Well, no.  Not at all.  But maybe you do!  Or maybe you don't but the idea of DMing for just one player leaves you concerned, bored, or something else.  Well if a second player adds a bit more interest for you, then let's talk about that too!  We can try to find another player or you can pull in someone you know.  I only ask that this person shares the same expectations as us.  That means a passion for writing, an ability to keep interest and pacing, and willing to bend in the ways we all deem compromises in order to ensure we can all have a good time.  I have no strong wants to play solo or duo.  They both have their advantages and disadvantages.  So let's discuss and figure out what to do.

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Wed 25 Mar 2020
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Solo (or Duo) D&D 5E Game
I've seen a posting by two other players. I have a starting idea. Mine tend to be slower posting but depends upon the action of the game. No problem with beginners either.
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Mon 27 Apr 2020
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Solo (or Duo) D&D 5E Game