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Sat 21 Mar 2020
at 23:39
Critical Role - Wildemount
With the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount out, I was hoping to play in a game set in that Setting, and using the Heroic Chronicles inside to create characters if possible. There are several starter adventures in there apparently, plus there were several "Encounters of the Week" on D&D Beyond that could be used for adventure stock, or if a GM has their own ideas that's fine as well, of course. =)

There was also a previous book published by Green Ronin called the Tal'dorei Campaign Setting which had a lot of good stuff in there as well, and that would be cool to draw on (but not necessary).

I would ask that Blood Hunter class by Matt Mercer (which is on D&D Beyond as well) be allowed, if possible. But it's not a deal-breaker if not.
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Sun 22 Mar 2020
at 02:09
Critical Role - Wildemount
I would be game to play if a GM could be found. I love Critical Role, and the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount is on my list of books to buy.
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 Stay at home mom
Sun 22 Mar 2020
at 02:17
Critical Role - Wildemount
I'd be interested if a GM is found!
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 Jesus Loves You
Tue 24 Mar 2020
at 07:28
Critical Role - Wildemount
buy it for me and I'll run it. With 3 of you that's only $10

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Wed 25 Mar 2020
at 18:15
Critical Role - Wildemount
Well, I mean, I do own it on D&D Beyond...and the physical book I think arrived today though I haven't gone to the mailbox to verify yet.
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Thu 26 Mar 2020
at 14:23
Critical Role - Wildemount
I've been interested in running the heroic chronicle since I read it. I'll run the frozen sick adventure so we can try it out.

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