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Thu 26 Mar 2020
at 04:25
Looking for a solo game to tell a vampire story
 I want to tell a vampire story and I'm looking for someone to help me in a cooperative storytelling adventure. I conceive of this tale being about a young modern-day woman who suddenly finds out that vampires are real and that she's been chosen (for reasons unknown) to become the heir and successor to an ancient vampire queen. I'm not opposed to using a game system to tell the tale, but a "system" really isn't necessary as I envision this story to be mostly role-play vs roll-play. I'm guessing that describes a more "freeform-ish" type game. Also, this game/story would have to be rated Adult since while I don't foresee sex scenes being a predominant factor, I'm not opposed to them either as long as they're consensual and tasteful... (and I mean honestly it's a game/story about vampires, sex kinda comes with the territory!)

So anyways, if your interested in helping me craft a good story, please send me an rMail (as I won't be replying to this thread).

Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!    :)