Bod Man
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Wed 8 Apr 2020
at 19:18
Cortex Serenity
Right before all of this quarantine stuff, a group of my friends tried to start up a Serenity game using the Cortex rules. With the social distancing, the game fell apart, but I think the system has a lot of good potential.

I think RPOL offers some potential benefits to a game world as rich as the Verse.

Anyone out there willing to get a game going?
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Wed 8 Apr 2020
at 22:36
Cortex Serenity
I'd be interested in seeing how you use the cortex system for it.
Bod Man
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Wed 8 Apr 2020
at 23:25
Cortex Serenity
Itís a published system, not home brew.
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 The DM...
Thu 9 Apr 2020
at 07:35
Cortex Serenity
*Sigh* Had (have? Have to dig some) a bunch of Serenity stuff, even started a play by post campaign on here, but it was killed on account that one of the players refused to deal with another as she was ex-brown-coat to his ex-opposition. Like dude wasn't even into his side, but no, because he fought on that side she refused to have him on the ship, game ground to a halt and died.
Bod Man
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Thu 9 Apr 2020
at 13:52
Cortex Serenity
Interested in trying again? I think the issue you describe could be solved by making sure the team is all on the same page regarding their loyalties.
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Fri 10 Apr 2020
at 19:49
Cortex Serenity
One of my first online RPs was cortex serenity. I'd love to play. Got myself a mathematician/sniper based off of the character Sorter from Revolver:

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 Any Serenity RPG games?
 South Africa, Cape Town
Mon 3 Aug 2020
at 16:30
Cortex Serenity
Would love to join a Serenity RPG game without the "Reader" asset.

I've played in a Firefly RPG PBF, but I didn't like the Cortex plus rules expanding plot point use to things like allowing items to suddenly appear out of nowhere.