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Sat 9 May 2020
at 21:41
looking for a co gm or two
Pathfinder game, a few players have played for a week or so now and a few more are coming in. Now that the game is starting to really kick off it's time to have a gm to help with mechanics issues encounters.

Some players start(ed) with level 1 chars with level 20 wbl and some are starting with level 1 chars and level 1 wbl.

I've plugged in a little birthright, while its a little right now I may do a thing to expand on it later.

A CO GM to help run side stuff and maths and such would be very much appreciated. I like maths, I'm probably going to be doing a lot of that myself, so this isn't one of those "help me by doing it all for me" nonsense requests.

Just an extra hand or two, please.

you'd also be allowed to make a character in the game if you want.

The game has a bbg, i've made a map for it, i've handled 0 sessions and start up.
Just to emphasis, I am not looking for someone to do the heavy lifting... I've done a lot of that already and will continue to do so.

link to another game
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Wed 20 May 2020
at 00:20
looking for a co gm or two
Just started a spider mini plot, and bumping for co gm.

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Sun 24 May 2020
at 18:24
looking for a co gm or two
le bump in el road