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Tue 12 May 2020
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The coven
The towship of Norliliky.( nor- lilly- key) It is a metropolis surounded by a heavy brick wall. Think the wall of china big. You were born in a time of magick and supernatral beinngs. However it is illegal within the city wall, save for the members of the "Coven". member of the coven are like the government, healthcare, religion, and the military. Only the most devoted citizens are even allowed to entertain the idea of joining.

I have only heard stories about outside the the wall. Thats were all the supernatrals live. You have to have spiceal papers to pass the gates. Any supernatral within city walls must remain in human form, at all times, and may not speak of their blood lines.

This is a medieval time period. No guns not electronics.

I not really that good at this. Thats a s far as i get.
Plot lines
Natural disasters coming
Corrupt officials trying to obliterate supers

Im not one to instagate. Im not an antagonist  But would like to play in this setting