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Fri 19 Jun 2020
at 22:04
The party of misfit toys
So,looking to play around in a D&D or Pathfinder group, based on the premise that all of the player characters are going against type and preconception, somehow. This would admittedly be a little more tricky for any human characters, because their fiction has them well suited for everything.

Get out your Half Orc bards, your elvish barbarians and your dwarven druids!

In an ideal world, the game would be fairly light in tone, but not being an outright comedy

I would normally love to make a campaign like this myself, but my current work/life balance precludes me getting enough time to write for that.
12th Doctor
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Sat 20 Jun 2020
at 00:22
The party of misfit toys
Which edition of D&D or Pathfinder?
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Sat 20 Jun 2020
at 00:26
The party of misfit toys
In reply to 12th Doctor (msg # 2):

I'm not picky. I have 5E D&D but haven't actually played a campaign beyond one or two sessions. Getting a real taste of that would be nice.

Either edition of Pathfinder works as well.

More interested in the narrative concept(s) than the mechanics
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Sat 20 Jun 2020
at 06:16
The party of misfit toys
In reply to conorwf (msg # 1):

Currently playing in a halfling campaign where we have a sorcerer who is scared of magic and a barbarian who dislikes violence. Itís kinda fun going against type!