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Tue 14 Jul 2020
at 23:08
5e 13th level gestalt Rogue/Bard looking for a game
I've had a post for a 'Seal Team' type campaign with this character being a member of the hasn't found a I figured I'd try canvassing for a GM willing to either add this character to an existing game or create a game for him.

I'm not going to specify a story line for him as I'll leave that up to being determined through conversation with a prospective GM.

The character is straight Rogue (Inquisitive) 13/Bard (College of Lore) 13.  The only homebrew aspects (as my intent is to create a skill monkey at the expense of being of much use in physical 'weapons' combat; though will rely on bard casting in combat) are as follows:

1. Background: prodigy
2. Trading the '+1d6 sneak attack' damage gained every odd level for the gaining of the 'Expertise' class ability.
3. on Rogue levels 1 and 6, when expertise would normally have been gained, he gains the equivalent of the 'skilled' feat, to gain proficiency in additional skills.

Here are the original Game Criteria to which my character was built from:

1.  system = 5e

2.  preferred campaign world = Faerun (update: I'm open to any campaign or homebrew world at this point)

3.  starting character level = 13

4.  character build style = gestalt* (see below for link to specifics)

5.  number of players = 4-6 (update: I'm open to whatever number of players the GM wants, from solo to 10+)

6.  Base Stats = either (18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 08) or (16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11) (update: my character, which is already finished/created, used the 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 08 array).

7.  Permitted sources = all official 5e source books as well as 5e Unearthed Arcana material
    (update: this can be limited to whatever the GM wants as I haven't used any non-core books for this character;
     I simply wanted it to be open for other players as well as for spell selection for my character)

8.  I intend to play a rogue/bard; other useful roles: healer, muscle, ranged assault, etc.
    (update: as long as I can play this character...the presence of the other roles doesn't matter)

* using the following gestalt guidelines:
    * but with no multiclassing permitted on either side of the build.
    * only one of the two classes chosen can be a full caster

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Thu 16 Jul 2020
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5e 13th level gestalt Rogue/Bard looking for a game
I would like to jump in here and say if you find a DM for this I would love to play. I have a couple of ideas skipping around my head. I would definitely be playing towards the caster side of things.
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Wed 22 Jul 2020
at 23:07
5e 13th level gestalt Rogue/Bard looking for a game
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Thu 23 Jul 2020
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5e 13th level gestalt Rogue/Bard looking for a game
I have developed a few possible story tie in's (to explain his skill expertise) for this character if a GM was interested, but am open to just about anything at this point.

1)  This character (a half-elf: hated by humans and elves alike and thus deemed a misfit) became a traveling circus performer (and thus fit in with all of the other 'circus misfits').  He would have learned things from members of all the different circus acts.

Other characters could be other members of this traveling circus.  They could face adventures as they go from town to town performing...or war could break out putting an end to the circus and they band together to face the invading force, possibly employed or commissioned by the king.

2)  This character is a king's court jester.  As a bard he fits the role great, entertaining the king.  And would learn history, arcane, religion, nature etc to entertain the king with a vast knowledge of facts.  Athletics and Acrobatics for more physical representations of entertainment (juggling knives, tight rope walking, acrobatics, etc), performance (playing instruments and singing), sleight of hand and the use of the prestidigitation cantrip for parlor trick magic, etc.  Things like deception, perception, intimidation he'd have learned from living in and among nobility.

The king could use him as an agent of the kingdom (along with other members of the campaign...possible characters: high ranking member of the church, high ranking member of the arcane order of the kingdom, high ranking officer in the kingdom's military, or any number of similarly important characters).