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Sat 18 Jul 2020
at 13:14
Mutants and Masterminds
I am looking to play a Mutants and Masterminds game. I would prefer an original setting rather than the Marvel/DC universes, one where supers are either or both of just beginning to emerge and fairly uncommon. I like to play weird characters that have no direct counterpart to any existing fiction, and enjoy well-built worlds that have realistic consequences for my actions.
Storm Caller
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Sun 19 Jul 2020
at 07:57
Mutants and Masterminds
I would throw my hat in as a player for a game like this.
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Sun 19 Jul 2020
at 13:44
Mutants and Masterminds
I can also get behind a game like this.
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Wed 22 Jul 2020
at 02:56
Mutants and Masterminds
I, too, would look forward to a game like this.
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Thu 23 Jul 2020
at 10:39
Mutants and Masterminds
Count me in.

Edit. Actually nevermind I'm probably too busy at the moment.

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