Finn MacCool
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Tue 21 Jul 2020
at 18:00
Kingmaker for the Horde!!!
I love Kingmaker. :)

As the title says, I'm looking for a good kingmaker game with a twist.

After so many teams have gone and failed to claim the stolen lands, in desperation an Orc tribe has been selected to try. On this trail of pain the tribe has been on  the land at the end of the road has been promised to them, but they will have to fight for it!

Races for players, Orc, half-Orc and Goblin.

Maybe if we have the group collaboratively make the party PCs?

Pathfinder, start 1st level action. :)
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Wed 22 Jul 2020
at 00:27
Kingmaker for the Horde!!!
In reply to Finn MacCool (msg # 1):

This sounds awesome. Mainly because it would be nice to play conquerors for once.
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 I remember when all
 this was just fields...
Wed 22 Jul 2020
at 22:51
Kingmaker for the Horde!!!

 Any chance of opening it up a little to some of the other hated humanoids? I'd love the chance to dust off a Gnoll Skald. ^_^
Finn MacCool
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Thu 23 Jul 2020
at 05:13
Kingmaker for the Horde!!!

I could see, maybe, one Gnoll (perhaps an axe for hire, in it for the bandit meat and murder) following a tribe of orcs. I see the goblins as being under the yoke of the orcs, but still being seen as useful to the tribe. You could be that one Gnoll. ;)

I would want to play a lowly goblin Winged Marauder (Alchemist).

I see this as a Evil and/or Neutral Kingmaker, but not a dumb Kingmaker (We're not going to kill Oleg and take his stuff...well unless there is a very good reason to).

Now we just need a GM crazy enough to run this game...

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