Finn MacCool
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Sat 29 Aug 2020
at 21:31
Star Wars, Clone Wars
Looking for a soild Star Wars, d20 rules (Revised Core Rules system). I would like to run through the Clone Wars, pre, beginning, middle and end of the war (Jedi & Clone Trooper PCs). Perhaps beyond into the Empire if able.

All we need is a great GM.

May the Force be with us! :)

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Finn MacCool
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Sun 6 Sep 2020
at 01:35
Star Wars, Clone Wars
You're our only hope... ;)
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Sun 6 Sep 2020
at 20:51
Star Wars, Clone Wars
In reply to Finn MacCool (msg # 2):

I'd be down to play most any edition of this. Could see a few neat ways this could go especially if we had a mixed party and Order 66 came up.
Bod Man
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Wed 9 Sep 2020
at 02:48
Star Wars, Clone Wars
It would be interesting to do this all three eras simultaneously.

Each character is made at level 2, level 6, and level 10, corresponding to beginning, middle, and end of the clone wars. Of course, the super savvy GM would need to connect all three simultaneous storylines into one master story.

Anyway, just an idea.