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Wed 9 Sep 2020
at 04:02
3.5 Solo request
Had an idea slap me while going over some old bookmarks and thought "What the heck, I'll ask."

In 3.5 there is a creature called a Mindstealer Drone. Pretty much does what the name says, only with shapeshifting thrown in too.

I'd like to play a solo game using the version of it in Oslecamo's homebrew monster classes.

Ideally, this would be a game where I get to start small. Maybe killing squirrels or something before my presence starts getting noticed and things move up and up. Later I might end up devouring a Dragon or replacing a King/Queen etc.

Possibly an Isekai game as a person stuck with a Mindstealer Drone form.

I'd be fine hashing out further ideas with prospective GMs. Just please, be willing to come to the table and negotiate with me.