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Wed 23 Sep 2020
at 14:28
Co-Gm Wanted for Call of Cthulhu Scenario Creation (ADULT)
So a long long time ago I created a game called Yokobo to gisei (a.k.a The Forest).  I have since renamed it to "Shi no mori". It was meant to be a rerun of the Chaoism Call of Cthulhu scenario "A Dream of Japan" but updated to modern day. I never really got it off the ground due to RL issues.

I'd like to revisit this but instead of being just a modernised version of that scenario I thought it would be a great idea to create a sort of modern day sequel to it - implying that the actions of investigators in the 1920s laid the groundwork for Aokigahar becoming the second most proilfic suicide spot in the world. I would like an experienced co-gm to help me develop this idea into a fully fledged modern day Call of Cthulhu Scenario.

This would be a slow burn collaboration that might take months before we are at the point where we can actually run a game. I intend to plan it out well and do so in between another, already fleshed out, Call of Cthulhu scenario that I am rebooting on Tuesday.

The original game has been cleansed of PCs and player threads, had its intro updated, and can be found here (Rated ADULT):- link to another game

If interested in this project then please rmail me.

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