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Thu 8 Oct 2020
at 17:28
1st Edition AD&D DM wanted
I have a character concept I've been thinking about for some time and recently, one of the games in which I participate has gone on standby status for some months. I wanted to see if there were any 1st Ed DM's willing to host a solo or perhaps very small group adventure with LG characters, my character concept is a paladin with an odd history. Mature or even Adult game is fine. Kindly rmail me if something like this appeals.
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Mon 12 Oct 2020
at 04:04
1st Edition AD&D DM wanted
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 once upon a time...
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Thu 22 Oct 2020
at 03:18
1st Edition AD&D DM wanted
Hey. Your handle looks familiar,m have we crossed paths?

Anyway, I think I would be up to a solo game, if you want. Something simple. I am looking to run a game with frequent posting though...