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Thu 15 Oct 2020
at 18:39
Scratching an Itch
There's a bit of backstory to this one. Basically, I played in a game once that combined world of darkness with star wars edge of the was strange, but it was probably the best game I've played in to date. Now I don't expect anyone to try to use the incomplete homebrew system that this GM had (which was epic but not all of it is public and she was still adding content before the game sadly died due to IRL reasons) but it gave me a real itch for another fantasy game using the edge of the empire system (or Genesys for that matter). That said, the game was so great (in my opinion) due to the fact that you weren't restricted to "player character" stuff if you could get the GM interested in your character concept. I played a young dragon, for example, who had a strength of 6 in his true form (i.e. 1 over the normal cap of 5) and lots of innate powers...due to the nature of the game, though, nobody ever felt left out. I'm not sure if there's a GM out there willing to run genesys for a guy who basically wants to play a monster, but man I've had this itch for so long and I really need to scratch it.