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Mon 19 Oct 2020
at 23:50
Mr. Johnson Wanted
 Alright so Shadowrun is the name of the game. I can go up to 5th edition. But here is the thing I want to play in the bad old days of Shadowrun. Pre-Washington Rift, pre-Bug City. Definitely Pre-Crash 2.0.

  I always felt this was when the best stuff happened. I don't mind using the tech of the more recent games as much as the stories just got crazy after Big D took an explosive nap or the Cermak Nuke went off. I really don't care for the whole cyber-multiple personality disorder nanovirus mess. I dunno may be it is just me and no one else, but those were the days when a Runner was a Runner not a fraking media darling.
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Tue 20 Oct 2020
at 08:25
Mr. Johnson Wanted
I just want to play a hacker/decker. It's one of the most iconic SR roles and I've never tried it before. Maybe some kind of techno ninja who specializes in intrusion and yoinking paydata.
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Wed 21 Oct 2020
at 00:22
Mr. Johnson Wanted
In reply to TMTO (msg # 2):

I was kinda looking at a decker as well. Which means a "decker-centric" campaign might be interesting. By that I mean we all play decker to a certain extent, but we have a secondary aspect so to speak that is what gives us more rounding. I.e. a street ninja or an ex-Tir Ghost spec ops person. Or a street sam. Just can't be a mage. Cyberware doesn't work well with that. Or go all Technomancer.
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Wed 21 Oct 2020
at 00:34
Mr. Johnson Wanted
Old school, 1st edition type Mr. Johnson? Someone with all kinds of connections, mostly all meat parts, and a knack for gathering information kind of former company man?
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Wed 21 Oct 2020
at 15:27
Mr. Johnson Wanted
In reply to JAM2019 (msg # 4):

Don't see why they would have changed but yeah that's a Mr. Johnson. Or as it is called in almost another game a GM
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Fri 23 Oct 2020
at 17:16
Mr. Johnson Wanted

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Sun 1 Nov 2020
at 19:15
Mr. Johnson Wanted
Still looking.
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Sun 8 Nov 2020
at 17:28
Mr. Johnson Wanted
In reply to Knight_Vassal (msg # 7):

I came here looking for a shadowrun game and I'm happy to throw some jobs your way if we can get a crew together.

I'm a long time GM (Dnd 3-5 and Savage worlds primarily, though I ran a one shot in Shadowrun 5.) To be honest I'm not terribly well versed in the specific events of the shadowrun setting, but I know the broad strokes and I have many of the old books to familiarize myself as we go. I have some ideas for more or less generic jobs to get us going, and we can see where the world and your characters lead us.

I like the idea of a decker-centric campaign, though I think everyone would be wise to go for some breadth in skills. It's dangerous in the shadows after all.  I'm wondering what version of Shadowrun you were hoping to play in, I know there is some debate as to which is best especially when it comes to deckers. I'm pretty open as I will have to brush up on whichever we end up using.

Anyway, I'm new to the forum and new to play by post, but I've been gaming for years and I think this could be a fun change of pace for me. Let me know.