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Fri 23 Oct 2020
at 00:00
Planes hopping?
I've always liked the idea of a plane hopping game, but have never actually played in one that survived long enough to count. Planescape would be the prototypical setting, but certainly not the only option. System wouldn't matter that much to me.

Any interested GM's out there?
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Fri 23 Oct 2020
at 00:03
Planes hopping?
What's necessary to you in a planes hopping game?
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Fri 23 Oct 2020
at 01:02
Planes hopping?
That's an excellent question. I don't think I'd call these things necessary, but the characteristics that appeal to me are:
- I think imagery is actually the big one. Strong imagery supporting the rest of this list goes a long way.
- Varied, exotic settings. One day you're on Pandora (from the avatar movie), the next day maybe you go to the plane of fire (maybe that looks like the lava planet at the end of revenge of the sith), the next day you're in a metropolitan melting pot of all kinds of humanoids
- exotic and varied creatures, including characters, or at least the potential
- settings and creatures and characters don't have to be particularly lethal or powerful. I think it's more about being exotic (without dipping into acid trip/Tim burton levels of exotic more than every so often).
-Environments that present/require different tactical considerations (beyond just what you'd draw on a battle mat) would be neat. Things like a flying or underwater battle that actually takes the 3d battlefield into account, or the battle in sith where you have to jump from platform to platform or even just high winds on the deck of a ship that throw off missile weapons (perhaps in a predictable way that could be overcome rather than just a penalty to ranged attacks)
- magical explanations/trappings rather than high science. Although science and magic coexisting ala rifts or he-man would be fine. Spell hammer, Dragonstar, or a slightly more magicked up star wars could work

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Isida KepTukari
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Tue 27 Oct 2020
at 09:54
Planes hopping?
Do you have any interest in The Strange?  While it starts on modern-day Earth, the game has the characters move between different worlds (some caused by fictional bleed from our world), so you may be in a sci-fi advance bioware world in the morning, a Forgotten Realms sort of world by lunch, and a version of Atlantis by dinner! And the character does change to fit the world, so while you may always be, say, a charming warrior, in the sci-fi world you may be a genetically tweaked soldier, in the Forgotten Realms world you may be a sturdy knight, and in Atlantis a merman!  And you can go between worlds either through vessels or (more commonly) a sort of mystical gating.  Does that hold interest for you?
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Tue 27 Oct 2020
at 11:09
Planes hopping?
This request has been bumbling a bit around my head since I read it a few days ago.

D&D 5e with the Planewalker class (, though not actually in the Magic Cards setting.

Or Pathfinder 2e with a couple of house rules for the plane jumping, simply because I kinda want to try and GM Pathfinder 2e.

What I'm thinking is a "short" investigation adventure, involving a lot of travel between different planes and interacting with interesting personalities (and maybe some fighting too).

"short" because adventures has a tendency to drag out in PbP. Though if we actually reach the end of the adventure some months or years from now, we can always extend to a new adventure.
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Tue 27 Oct 2020
at 21:15
Planes hopping?
Never played strange, but it sounds interesting. I especially like the concept of your character changing to be the same high concept for each particular genre.

That 5e class looks pretty cool, and 5e is great. I've done a lot of pf 1e, but never 2e. Would definitely be willing to try it out.
Isida KepTukari
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Wed 28 Oct 2020
at 02:30
Planes hopping?
The Strange is actually a Cypher System game (Monte Cook Games is the publisher) but it's about the same rules complexity of 5e (not terribly complex) and still more or less a d20 system at the base (roll the d20, higher is better, etc).
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Thu 29 Oct 2020
at 02:48
Planes hopping?
I'd give it a try.
Myrddin Emyr
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Sat 31 Oct 2020
at 21:13
Planes hopping?

Not sure if your still looking but I run a Theogenesis campaign where you play Gods, with your own realm and all of creation to explore and possibly conquer or expand your faith upon. Your a physical being so the danger of death is possible (yet different than with mortals due to the multiple lives aspect) and travelling realms is somewhat special as you can be in multiple realms as once (but have to worry about your physical being taking on more than it can handle in combat terms as multiple attacks from multiple realms at the same time could be devastating).

Anyhow, if your interested you can check out the campaign. Here is the link. Send me an RTJ stating you want to view the game and I can grant you LURKER status so you can see how some of the others are playing out their deities. It is a lot of SOLO game play but teaming up with others does happen and is also encouraged but most gods like to go at it with more solo work with only 1 or 2 aspects teaming up and working together (to avoid one god slowing down another).

Note that the game is still pretty early in its development stage. So joining now is not going to put you at a disadvantage as you can catch up in terms of your own realms development within a month or so of active game play.

The campaign has multiple smaller "story lines" as well as the gods own "Story lines" and then there are grander "campaigns" set up as well as the "grand Campaign" itself. So a very multi-faceted campaign.

link to another game
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Wed 11 Nov 2020
at 05:49
Planes hopping?
Might have the EXACT thing you're looking for.

I run a campaign called "Hopper".  Imagine Stargate SG-1 and Doctor Who and Sliders (all three are telvision shows dealing with travelling in space, time, and probability).

Hopper is a multi-genre campaign.  Your character (you will create yourself as a chracter) is chosen by Hopper Command to take the 20 part test to become a full-fledged Hopper.  The test sends you out into Space/Time/Probability for 20 missions.  Each mission is a totally new location.

(you could end up in a fantasy world with magic and dragons, or a modern world where Psionic individuals are hunted by the government for control or execution.  Just two of thousands of examples)

So, what is a Hopper?  He/She is a being of incredible power, enough to take complete control of a planet with the same technological level as Earth, easily.  As a Hopper-in-training passes the tests and moves on he gains access to more and more power (part of the test is how the trainee handles such power).

Although I prefer a more brainy style game, there IS combat.  And I love to use humanoid critters with the same capacity for tactical combat as the typical human.  Anything goes, for the most part.  If you're looking for romance, you only need to interact with the NPCs to spark such bahavior.  The "tests" themselves sometimes have more than one solution.  You are assigned a Guide to help define what you're supposed to do.

I have ran this campaign a few dozen times and it has left a lasting impression on those that have played, most wanting to play again from the very beginning.

I have a game running right now.  The "trainees" are on their first hop.  They are currently on a post-apocalyptic earth that experienced a nuclear holocaust in the late 1950's.  It's now about two hundred years later and they are assigned the task of "Eliminating the Bandit threat to the small town of Story".  Muzzleloading rifles, like the Kentucky Long Rifle of late 1800's era, are the most common weapon used.

Interested?  Need more info?  Already found a game to join?
Isida KepTukari
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Wed 11 Nov 2020
at 09:36
Planes hopping?
(Apologies for the long silence - went on vacation, only back recently.)

I could start up a game of The Strange.  I was recently in one as a player and the game collapsed, so I know there are other interested players that could be interested in joining in, if you're still up for it.  :)