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Thu 29 Oct 2020
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Koi No Yokan (solo games preferred)  [ADULT]

So lets talk about what I'm looking for.

I want to recreate in textual form what it was like when I was younger and single. I want to feel that rush of excitement / energy when meeting a beautiful woman for the first time. The chase, the longing. The stolen glances, the racing heartbeat when she's near. The sense of loss when she's not. When (if) we get to the intimate stuff it should be the exploration of each other's bodies, the heat of passion. I.e. not just mindless sex.

Now I'm attracted to Asian women. I have been in many role plays alongside characters that are Asian women. In only a very few cases did it actually feel like my character was communicating with a character that was from South East Asia. In those few cases I can't really define what made it feel more authentic, exactly. Just something about the use of language, maybe? Or was it the way their behavior was described? Also, I should point out that I know that at least one person who has done this well is not from south east Asia, so the actual player's nationality isn't as important. The reason I'm pointing this out is that on the very rare occasion that does happen its like striking gold for me.

On another note: There's this one character on this site that I keep bumping into from time to time. I really haven't had much luck writing with them (not because the player is adverse to writing with me but because RL tends to keep getting in the way of writing with her). What is refreshing about this character is a lot of the time my characters are involved with strong, dominant women. There's nothing wrong with that. I like that. But this particular character is refreshing in that she is not dominant or domineering at all. She's quite submissive to JUST the right degree. Its hard to explain but she is written in a way that mixes sexuality with cuteness with a certain naivete that makes her very attractive (to me). If that sort of thing were recreated in a game then it would certainly keep my interest.

I also must be involved in an interesting plot. I like the idea of romance and have wrote erotica in the past (both comfortably and at times uncomfortably) but I don't want to be in a game that is just a string of sex scenes.

Ideally supernatural games appeal. Doesn't necessarily have to be vampires, weres etc etc. Something spooky is fine. Contemporary is fine, too, so long as there is potential for drama - but romance is a MUST. I have my fair share of plots that have nothing to do with romance now. Adult rated games suit the most.

I play male heterosexual characters. I can play female homosexual characters and I am looking to get out of my comfort zone and play, say, female heterosexual or male homosexual characters (in a non-erotic context) but right now that's not what I'm looking to do.

The key to success, I think, is communication. If there are any issues with me as a player, or my characters then discussing those issues in a polite and respectful manner will prevent any conflict or misunderstandings. I am open to communication and constructive criticism. I'm not open to ghosting or downright negative immediate dismissal or hostility.

Take a look at my profile to see my availability and a bit more detail about what I'm looking for:

If any of the above inspires you then please rmail me. I'd love to hear from you.

Edit: More info usually added with each bump so please scroll down. Thank you.

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Fri 30 Oct 2020
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Looking for a freeform game with romance
In reply to Starchaser (msg # 1):

Hi there :)

I run a freeform game though it isn't in your direct preference list.  But, I read your auto-bio in profile and I really was drawn by the person you are and the player you must be!

I offer up the game I run, romance is mixed into it.  But it isn't super-natural or anything like that, nor contemporary.  It is based roughly in the years 810 - 820 AD; the "Vikings" have arrived in the fictional place of Righteous (which is Wessex with a name change) and there is a battle about to begin for the lands.  We are IG a few hours away from a new day and a full boat of newly minted "Vikings" arriving unbeknown to the Saxon's.  It is a twist though for this is a "what-If" scenario; what if the Saxon hadn't converted the Nordic people to Christianity and what if King Alfred never took the throne, what if the Danes defeated all the Saxon's and Norway didn't covert and paganism was the "known" religion.

With that said one of the first things I say is that there isn't any magic, elves, flying dragons etc.  But this just means that as a character your "race" isn't elf, Orc, etc.  As the Norse believed in serpents, elves, trolls, etc.  They can and do speak of it all, some of the characters believe they speak with and to these woodland spirits.

There are a few characters not paired and while romance isn't the forefront it is within the game as it is based on life, love, war, the Gods, hopes, ambitions, etc.

Here is the link if you had any desire to check it out:  link to another game
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 You get out of a game the
 effort you put in it !!
Fri 30 Oct 2020
at 14:11
Looking for a freeform game with romance
You always did well in my games hun.  You are welcome anytime.
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Fri 6 Nov 2020
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Looking for a freeform game with romance
In reply to Lauriebear (msg # 2):

Thanks for the link and for the kind words. I did take a look and madea friend of mine aware of the game if that's ok? (They like viking mythology). I haven't entirely rejected the idea myself but its not really my thing.

Anyway I'm bumping this one.

I am happy to discuss ANY plot ideas anyone has for a solo game or anyone who has a group game and knows of PCs that would need a romantic partner.
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Thu 19 Nov 2020
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Koi No Yokan (solo games preferred)  [ADULT]
So here are some other pointers:

1. Please don't ghost me. If you can't write with me for more than, say, two weeks then tell me. If you have lost interest in writing with me then tell me. If you have any issues with me or my writing then tell me. Don't just leave me hanging. Its' really not good for my health, or my already low self esteem!

2. Please talk to me. The more we discuss things the more we can write a story that we both enjoy. For me simply keeping a love interest going is usually enough but for others they may have different things that grab their attention. So talk.

3. Think first, and clarify if you are unsure. I have a very good friend who's opinion I trust. You know, the kind of friend that tells you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear? And she does it in a considerate way. So when she tells me I am socially inept when it comes to communication I listen. She has also recommended some good books that I am working through. What this means is that I may say something that unintentionally annoys or offends. I won't be aware that this is happening and so when it does I need it to be kindly pointed out. Assumptions and misunderstandings lead to conflict and I've absolutely had far too much conflict in my life.

This is my absolute favorite song by a band I was really into during my misspent youth (with lyrics):

Writing Samples

These are examples of my average style of writing. I can write more and less of this but I think these represent what tends to be normal for me. They don't illustrate the best of me and they don't illustrate the worst either. I have tried to pick more recent examples.

1. This one is a recent reboot of a solo thread game. My original intro post in that one was better but this one represents the sort of length of intro posts I give so here it is:

The apartment was only a short drive from Kansai International Airport and it surprised Andy that the interior was decidedly western - not what he was expecting entirely. Another oddity was that were all sent to separate apartments. It would have made more sense if the entire group had been put up in the same hotel, especially since Kay (aka Kayeligh McAllaistair aka their violinist) was the only one amoung them that actually spoke Japanese with any degree of fluency. It was, in fact, an interest of Kay's and it was her that gave the band its name - The Modern Kami. Apparently, a Kami was some kind of Shinto god or spirit or something. Kay could be quite pretentious at times.

It had seemed to work though. The band did well in Japan, although Will could name dozens of British bands that did well in Japan so he was hardly using it as a yard stick for their popularity. Andy was the front man. Mainly vocalist but also lead guitarist. If he was being honest, Andy would have preferred to be a full time lead guitarist but he was the only one who could actually sing. He also wrote the songs as well so it kinda made sense.

It was a a Mr Shengen that had arranged the tour. Will wondered if the man was eager to promote the band or had more of an interest in promoting one of the acts he currently managed. From day one he had mentioned East of Eden, a band that Mr Shengen wanted to tour with them as a supporting act. He had provided some Youtube links. Will had listened to some J-Rock bands in the past. A few he liked. None of them he understood. For all he knew they could all have been singing 'Kill the western gaijin infidel'. This band though, he had to admit, was good. Especially the drummer. Watching her in her fake school uniform obviously lost in the rhythm she was beating out to the electro-experimental-rock music that the rest of the band were playing was an almost zen like experience. She had purple hair. Not that that was her most striking feature, but it did make her stand out. If one thing good came of this tour it was to meet that drummer. He hoped she spoke English.

So for some reason Andy got to sit next to Mr Shengen in his private car and to be personally driven to the apartment. Apparently there was to be an interpreter who had specifically requested the job and who would be constantly shadowing Andy. Was this another employee of Mr Shengen to act as a chaperone and make sure the band didn't get into any trouble?

In any case here he was now, alone in a very western looking Japanese apartment with two bedrooms and no clue as to the band's itinerary or what to do next. He grabbed something from one of the cupboards that looked like white wine. It had Japanese written on it. He poured himself a glass of it and sat in front of the television, switching it on. Taking a sip (it tasted a bit like sherry but slightly more sour tasting), he watched some drama show that he couldn't follow on account of it being in Japanese and before he knew it he was asleep - either from jet lag, the alcohol, or both.

2. This one is another intro post just to show how my style can change. I have edited out the expletives, which I believe dampens the humor a bit but at least you can see the style and intent in it:

"I am an Antichrist
I am an anarchist
Don't know what I want but I know how to get it
I wanna destroy passerby

'Cause I wanna be anarchy
No dog's body"

Johnny (Lyndon) Rotten's voice blasted out of a classic dark purple mini with a license plate that suggested it was about ready to be scrapped. It was tastefully decorated by a Kermit the frog strapped to the bonnet and a smiley sticker stuck to the back bearing the words. "Get up my apple at your own peril"

The final two sentences that constituted a 'chorus' were accompanied by a male voice, even louder than Johnny's, delivered in a gut wrenching guttural scream that sounded somewhere between a pair of mating cats and an enraged bear.

The driver parked his car in the small staff car park behind the Blue Note and switched off the engine. The moment he did so, his phone rang. He stared at it and frowned. A finger hung over the cancel button and then he shook his head and answered it.

"Hey Eddie. How's it hanging bro?"

"Well you know. Here and there."

"No not yet. Working on a few things. You know. Club circuit? Well not exactly..."

He put a fist in his mouth and pulled a rictus grin.

"Yeah, of course man. You're right. What, no! That's in the past."

He bashed his head against the dashboard. Twice.

"What. Oh nothing. I was just reaching for a smoke and hit the dashboard with my leg. Listen I gotta go..."

"Yes. Yes. No. Yes. Not yet. Yes. Right. Bye bro."

He hung up. Then he found Eddie in his contacts, set up a 'block' and hit delete.

"Fruitcake you Eddie, you fudging appleberry." he said and almost threw the phone away. He should have blocked Eddie weeks ago. "Guess what, plumb? Its not alright you and Jenny are getting engaged. It's not alright that you have a record deal and No I shouldn't fudging give up on my music career cos I'm not a quitter you fudging, bragging, self-important, rub it in my face appleberry!

He headbutted the dashboard three more times for good measure before calming himself down.

"Actually it is good you and Jenny are getting engaged. You deserve each other."

He decided to wait a few minutes until he had actually calmed down before heading to the club. This was his first day and he was fifteen minutes early anyway. It would have been great if Richie had been hired to sing but no. He was here because he had told Knox how he had bar experience. The fact that daddy had also run a Jazz club also helped there. So here he was again. Ready to serve drinks and watch other people follow their dreams. Fudging A! At least he had found a house. He had no idea how he was going to pay the first rent on it but for now it was nice to have a roof over his head that wasn't like  only a few feet high and a bed that wasn't the back of a car.

3. This is probably one of my shortest ones but still effective. You need to put this into context. A history teacher who bears a striking resemblance to David Tennant is having a discussion with one of his students. As well as mentioning that his office looks 'bigger on the inside' the student is asking him about a picture of Winston Churchill and Major Allison Digby Tatham-Warter along with a Fez. No it wasn't a Dr Who Game. Yes, I now know that Allison was a man.

Russel looked confused. "Umm, The fez is actually a cheap imitation of the one that Tommy Cooper used to wear, The Churchill lookalike is my cousin Alfred and the Allison Digby... ...What did you call her? She's Alfie's wife, Penny."

He stared at Saga. He was sure there was a joke somewhere in what she had said but the punch-line escaped him. He suddenly and inexplicably wondered where he had put his rapier and if he should have brought a umbrella with him this morning in case of rain.

"Have you been allocated a dorm yet?", he asked. "And did they get your dress size right?"
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 Shoda mo tsumoreba taibok
Tue 1 Dec 2020
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Koi No Yokan (solo games preferred)  [ADULT]
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 Shoda mo tsumoreba taibok
Mon 14 Dec 2020
at 11:35
Koi No Yokan (solo games preferred)  [ADULT]
Still looking.

What I would really love is to find someone who:

1. I can write with long term.

2. Is a good writer that I can bounce off hand help me to improve my own writing skills.

3. Is detailed. Perhaps able to post 2-3 paragraphs at a time.

4. Is someone open to communication both IC and OOC.

With me you will get out of me as much effort as you put in.

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Tue 12 Jan 2021
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Koi No Yokan (solo games preferred)  [ADULT]
In reply to Starchaser (msg # 7):

Hi Starchaser, I'm intrigued by the sincerity of your OP. I totally understand the need to connect deeply with others and know that it can be hard when social interactions are difficult for you. As a solo story, this would be a very personal game and I can see getting very involved with the character's emotions.

As a GM, I've only seen an in-game connection between players once, which left me speechless. Watching them connect happened slowly, and came to a climax (no pun intended) unexpectedly. One solid post from the character's player tied them to me forever. Not to be dramatic. But that very moment in the game has stuck with me for years, even though the game is over and the players all moved on.

So, I can see the appeal in writing on the opposite side of the screen from a solo character. I've only attempted it once before and the player vanished shortly after starting.

All that said, you should know that I have disappeared from RPOL several times since 2014 because of work, life, or whatever. But I've always come back because of the relationships I've developed here.  With caution; take it for what it's worth.

Questions about your LFGM:
I want to recreate in textual form what it was like when I was younger and single. I want to feel that rush of excitement / energy when meeting a beautiful woman for the first time. The chase, the longing. The stolen glances, the racing heartbeat when she's near. The sense of loss when she's not. When (if) we get to the intimate stuff it should be the exploration of each other's bodies, the heat of passion. I.e. not just mindless sex.

That seems like a lot to try and get out of a PbP. Not because of the writing, but because of the time needed to write vs. the time allowed by tension. Keeping furtive glances and unintentional hand brushes going for any length of real-world time would get boring pretty quick. This leads me to:

1) How long would you expect to keep the chase up in in-game time and real-world time?

2) How often do you expect your GM to post/how often would you expect to be able to post (I see that you are pretty active in the Wanted: Player), I'd assume that you are active on a regular basis. I could reasonably expect to put in one to three good posts a week in character. OOC, I can post frequently.

3) I'm.... Do you want to know what gender/orientation I am? You'll probably figure it out anyway. I have no problem exploring human sexuality, love, romance, and basically anything else in that realm. I am not, however, well versed in Eastern cultures. Heck, I'm barely versed in American culture. That said, I'm willing to learn.

4) Communication in this type of game is crucial, as you have stated. What level of detail would you expect to work with the GM on world/story/plot building? Are you looking for a detailed environment, or something more... characters-on-an-empty-stage?

Last question, (or preferences);

5) I don't run modern, run of the mill setting games, slice of life, and what have you. Most, if not all, of my games, have been versions of apocalyptic sci-fi or fantasy. I am open to playing in most any setting other than "today." But I have a preference for future, post-apocalyptic, zombie, or sci-fi settings.

If any of that seems like a place you can imagine playing in, consider dropping me an rMail and we can chat about it. At least we could figure out if we would make a good writing team.