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Tue 17 Nov 2020
at 01:18
Seeking The Strange or Cypher System SciFi
Hello, Generous GMs!

I'm looking to play in a campaign of The Strange or another scifi or science fantasy setting running through the Cypher System.  Homebrew settings are fine.  I'm flexible.  I've got The Strange core book, character options, and the Cypher core book as well.

I'm a regular on RPOL, play in a few games, and run a couple as well.  Please let me know if you are looking to run something.

Isida KepTukari
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Fri 20 Nov 2020
at 01:21
Seeking The Strange or Cypher System SciFi
I was in a Strange game that ended up dying off, and I believe I can run another game (possibly with some of the same players, so there would be a group).