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Fri 20 Nov 2020
at 11:51
New Supernatural's game requiring co-GM(s) [ADULT]
link to another game

I am in the process of planning out a sandbox game set in a fictional city that is entirely self-governed and will consist of supernatural creatures all trying to pose as human and fit into a human society.

I could use some help from a co-gm or co-gms. I need help with,

1. Building the city itself (locations, rumours, characters etc)

2. Help with running NPCS (particularly female characters as I suck at that)

3. Helping with non-UK locations / places to keep an air of authenticity

4. Helping build up the laws and politics of the city (think of it as either a modern kingdom or semi-democratic dictatorship)

Because this is sandbox, helping with plots is a lesser issue. I will be expecting players to come up with their own plots and you would only be expected to assist in those plots or get more deeply involved if they interest you.

If anyone is interested then please rmail me, or just rtj to the game itself.
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 Shoda mo tsumoreba taibok
Fri 27 Nov 2020
at 12:06
New Supernatural's game requiring co-GM(s) [ADULT]
Still looking for a co-gm willing to help me build up the setting and run female NPCs as required.
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 Shoda mo tsumoreba taibok
Mon 7 Dec 2020
at 17:28
New Supernatural's game requiring co-GM(s) [ADULT]
I have a co-gm now who is helping with the seelie and unseelie side of things.

I could still use someone to play some female NPCS and do some general helping out.