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Mon 21 Dec 2020
at 01:59
Tier 6 Mythic Pathfinder
Basically, I really want to play a character who has access to the tier 6 archmage path ability called "Sanctum." Not be cause I have any specific strategy for using it, but because it just sounds really cool and ignites my creativity when I think about my character having access to their own personal little realm. The details of the actual game can be pretty much anything, so long as the Sanctum path ability is allowed.

Mythic Tier 6 (or higher)

GM's Discretion:
Gestalt or regular
High level, low level, or anything in between
Background skills or no background skills
Good campaign, evil campaign, or anything in between
Big group, small group, or even solo

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Mon 28 Dec 2020
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Tier 6 Mythic Pathfinder
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Mon 4 Jan 2021
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Tier 6 Mythic Pathfinder
Bumpety bump!
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Mon 4 Jan 2021
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Tier 6 Mythic Pathfinder
I'd be interested in this too...