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Sat 9 Jan 2021
at 18:42
New here looking forPalladium system games
I have quite a bit of experience with both systems and have access to quite a few books for each one. I also have some of the Nightbane books but not much experience creating characters or playing.

I am also quite experience with play-by-post style games, though it make take me a little time to learn the formatting if there is any.

I have some higher level characters from games that fell apart for one reason or another:

Rifts: Level 10 CyberKnight and Level 7 Rogue Scholar (with heroes type powers:Darkness Control, Cloaking (major powers) Healing Factor, Energy REsistance, Flight Wingless (minor powers )

Heroes: Level 5 Mutant Military Specialist  Alias: Lightspeed (Sonic Speed, Linguistics, Healing Factor, Energy Expulsion: Light

I can also make new characters to fit your game if you like, thought I would probably need a little help making a Nightbane Character.

Sure hoping ot hear back!