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Sat 9 Jan 2021
at 23:10
Social Heavy Vampire?

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 Shoda mo tsumoreba taibok
Mon 11 Jan 2021
at 07:19
Social Heavy Vampire?
I have two group games that might fit. Both are rated adult, however.

One is fairly slow paced and is set in an alternate 1920s steampunk setting but the vampires in it are closest to traditional vampires :- link to another game

The second is sandbox but we have an active group of players, I recently added an active co-gm and I intend to be quite involved in it after coming back from a 2 week long break recently. It is modern setting and vampires in it are slightly less traditional (I did away with sunlight aversion to prevent players having to hide away from half the cast during in game daylight hours). Also adult :- link to another game

If none of the above fit then feel free to rmail me with the character concept you have and although I promise nothing I *may* run a solo game for you.

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