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Tue 23 Feb 2021
at 01:55
Cypher System Fantasy Game

I've been away from RPoL for several years now. As a way to get back into the swing of things I'd like to play a game in the Cypher System by Monte Cook Games. Preferably something using the Godforsaken supplement.

Mostly, I want to play a fantasy game. I'd like the game to be dangerous with a real chance of character death. Losing a character doesn't bother me. I have a preference towards places that center around a dungeon crawl, but with stories interwoven between the different levels and the party. I'm more of a fan of low magic systems with high fantasy settings. Meaning that there are a lot of different races and monsters, but spells tend to be subtle.

Further inspiration, if you need it, would be Tegel Manor, Rappan Athuk, The Black Monastery, Keep on the Borderlands, or that old module from D&D 3.0 The Dead of Winter.

Also, I am looking for something with a slower posting rate. Perhaps one or two posts a week. Three at the most. This would allow me to make more thoughtful posts without feeling overwhelmed by the pace of the game.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.