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Sun 21 Mar 2021
at 12:59
CO-GM needed for Necromunda 5e
link to another game
Note: this game is currently rated Adult.

OK, love it or hate it, I am working on a 5e adaptation of Necromunda. Slowly, VERY slowly, I am working through some homebrewed rules, stats, etc. Right now, I am working on the episodic style stuff: survival, missions, politics. Something that will feel like playing a Necromunda campaign on the old table top: focused on weekly work and missions. Later, I hope to introduce "narrative events" that will be more like traditional DnD in small chunks: heists, dungeons, train robberies, taking down some Spyrers or scavvies. Perhaps even taking on some Xenos.

While I am fine working on the nuts and bolts and operating the social parts of the weeks, what I am seeking is help with the combat and NPCs as well as a bit of the homebrewing as well as, possibly, maps. I have a tendency to not be able to keep up with such. At the start of game, there will be a few major NPCs: the dome boss and his henchmen. Possibly a couple of NPC gangs in the area. I wanted to start off with just one PC gang after all.

S0, what I am seeking is 1-2 Co-GMs to handle any of the following details:
Combat Manager (NEED)
Table Builder

All Co-GMs will be expected to operate a stable of NPCs and collaborate in the Homebrewing.

If interested, apply to the game with the link above. Cheers and hope to see you there!