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Thu 25 Mar 2021
at 21:12
Conan 2d20
Iíd like to learn this game and Iím looking for a kind GM to show me the ropes. I have the Quickstart and the base book, along with a few of the Conan the X books. I know about the online character creator and am a casual fan of REHís original Conan stories, but I donít have an encyclopedic knowledge of the setting. Any version of gaming with the rules is fine. Pre-written modules are fine. I donít have any long-term need to keep playing ad infinitum, I just want to learn the rules in play. Couple of short one-shot modules would be great. Any takers?
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Sat 27 Mar 2021
at 05:10
Conan 2d20
Have all the materials, just haven't gotten to learning the system yet. Would love to roll up a random character with the online generator and give it a whirl if a GM is recruited. Mature rating please.