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Sun 28 Mar 2021
at 03:35
Freeform Science-Fiction, Solo
I've been reading a lot of science-fiction recently and I feel like playing something related. You know, those books with galactic empires, lots of wars, fleet battles and all that.

I don't have a fixed universe in which I'd want to play. So it's something that you can decide or we can come up with together, and could come from one book or another or be something entirely new. It could be something with no aliens (Honorverse, David Weber) or a lot of them (Spiral Wars, Joel Shepherd), both could be interesting. Regarding "psionics" I'm on the fence. I think this time I'd rather go with something purely science, but something like Starship's Mage by Glynn Stewart could work too.

The only real thing I'd want to set is the way ships work: starships, including capital ones, are well and truly piloted in full VR immersion or something like that. We could talk about the specifics. The consequence of this is that the captain of a warship is always its best pilot, simply because in combat the pilot has to take decision pretty much instantaneously and if the pilot decides where the ship goes, he has to be the captain. Though of course there are secondary and tertiary pilots for the second and third shifts.

Regarding how the game would start, I see two options:
- The first one would start at a military academy. It's something that could be quite cool, but it could take a long time to go to the real world so to speak. Though I suppose we could imagine a few things to stretch our legs outside of the academy.
- In the second, my character would be a fresh graduate from the navy academy, assigned to some starship as its new third shift pilot.

Two important note is that while military activities would be an important aspect of the game are that first I've never spent a day anywhere close to a real army, and second I don't want the game to be only about that. Intrigues, diplomacy, exploration, scientific discoveries, etc. are things I'd value at least as much.

For the more OOC aspects, I can post at least once a day. The more the better, though obviously, IRL and all that. As for why solo, it's both because I feel that it's easier, particularly for the GM, but mostly because I feel that multiplayer games crash and burn far too easily and I want this to last. Oh and as far as "system" goes, freeform is best.

If you'd be interested, don't hesitate to shoot me an rMail :)
Otherwise, well… Thanks for reading I guess?
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Wed 7 Apr 2021
at 21:17
Freeform Science-Fiction, Solo
In reply to Imladir (msg # 1):

Dear Imladir: I am intrigued by your concepts, and would be interested in an Academy-based game. It sounds like your main focus is space battles: I have played some tabletop Battlespace (space battles for the Battletech universe), and had some interest in the capital ships used in Starship Troopers (the movie).

I love the intrigue of the Great Houses in Battletech, circa 3025 to 3058, but would want to say their tech had not been quite as lost and rare as the official rules suggest (pretty tough to have space battles without fleets of space ships). Add Mechs, hovercraft, a little touch of Cyberpunk and an alien threat like either the Clans or the Bugs from Starship Troopers (or both: Clans and Inner Sphere have to combine forces against a new threat), and I could see it being a rather fascinating and wild game.

How do you see the conflict resolution working out? I love free-form writing and feel confident I can say I don't god-mode, so I'd be happy duking it out free form if you like.

Please let me know any of your other thoughts here. I am brand new to this forum, so if you can set up the mechanics, I'd appreciate it. Hopefully we will talk soon.
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Thu 8 Apr 2021
at 19:05
Freeform Science-Fiction, Solo

Thanks for you answer!

I've sent you an rMail ( to talk about this :)