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Mon 5 Apr 2021
at 20:32
Age of sigmar Soulbound
I'm looking for a GM who wants to run a Soulbound game. I have the main rules and the champions of order supplement and have been involved in a game on here for a few months but sadly it looks to have folded.

If there is a GM who wants to set up a game I'd be very interested in joining in and learning the rules through play
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Wed 22 Sep 2021
at 18:53
Age of sigmar Soulbound
still looking for a gm i now have the steam and steel and champions of death supplements to go along with the main rules and champions of order.

for some reason the games ive been in dont seem to last so if there is a gm out there wanting to set up a game id love to join in
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Fri 24 Sep 2021
at 18:42
Age of sigmar Soulbound
Have played with Jamat in multiple games and would love to play AoS:Soulbound too!
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Tue 28 Sep 2021
at 21:53
Age of sigmar Soulbound
I'd like to play Soulbound, too. Any GMs out there?