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Sat 24 Apr 2021
at 04:38
Begging for a 4e DnD Keep on the Shadowfell Campaign
I really have a soft spot for 4e DnD and would like to play in a Keep on the Shadowfell game preferrably set in the Forgotten Realms. Though I would not mind Nentir Vale either. I would rather avoid Eberron. Am willing to play any character and forgo my usual child wizards to try something different such as a ranger or fighter or maybe even a paladin. Just want to at least finish module 1 and maybe try the other modules.

Am willing to go with whatever the DM is comfortable with but here are some specifications I would want for the game:

-play by post(rpol); only gaming I have time for
-level 1 to start as per Keep on the Shadowfell module
-Essentials characters and rules but if the DM prefers the PHBs 1-3 I am perfectly finne with it.
-Backgrounds and Character Themes
-as mentioned above, prefer either Forgotten Realms or Nentir Vale

Any takers? Please. :)
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Sat 24 Apr 2021
at 13:08
Begging for a 4e DnD Keep on the Shadowfell Campaign
I have never played 4e and would curious to play in this.
Lord Psynister
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Sun 25 Apr 2021
at 01:52
Begging for a 4e DnD Keep on the Shadowfell Campaign
I don't like 4E enough to run it, but I never managed to finish that adventure when I was playing 4E, so I'd be happy to join in the fun.
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Sat 1 May 2021
at 21:05
Begging for a 4e DnD Keep on the Shadowfell Campaign
Really truly want to do this. Are either of you sure you cannot DM? :)
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Sat 1 May 2021
at 21:54
Begging for a 4e DnD Keep on the Shadowfell Campaign
Absolutely not, no experience with that version at all.  Sorry.
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Sun 2 May 2021
at 19:37
Begging for a 4e DnD Keep on the Shadowfell Campaign
If you this gets interest, I'll GM it using the standard Netir Vale setting. I've played it (twice all the way through), but never GMed it.
Four caveats:

  1. The first make or deal-break is if I can't locate my GM's custom maps. They are beautiful and very nostalgic. Having them will make my job as GM mush more fun. Without them, I just don't want to try to map combat, and I don't GM like that. This no one can control but my GM. (note: My "GM" means the person I know F2F that GMed this twice for me. I'm going to be the GM for this game.)

  • I have RL health issues. While I accept that people know these come first, they are unpredictable when exactly they occur, but they do happen every year, without fail. So prepare for probably an on and off game. Maybe consider it sort of seasonal in a loose sense.
  • If you don't answer PMs, or if you log in and don't reply to questions in one the three threads, I'll warn you, and then remove you. This is harsh, but I really need to make sure absences are accounted for, that is I'm aware of them, or you'll be removed. You can RTJ again, I have zero problem reconsidering you. If you lose interest, please just say why. I promise, PROMISE, I won't bug you or hassle you, or guilt you. I get it if the game isn't fun. Just let me know that at the very least, don't say you're busy unless that's actually the reason. If you could give a reason when you leave, that helps me correct for future events.
  • Be content with shorter posts, those about this length on average. The more I have to read, and write, the more likely GM fatigue will set in. Post in the proper threads.

 As an added note, if you think my organization of posts is confusing, it probably is! I have ASD, and OCD, so I will appreciate any help to make sure the threads are properly managed. I am trying to break the habit, but I have poor organization of threads.

Edit: Also, please Rmail me if I don't check in. I want to do this, but I may forget about it. My memory is not what it once was. My memory, in fact, is quite failing.

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