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Mon 10 May 2021
at 22:51
Star Wars Saga Edition - Clone Commando game - Lucky 13th
Why yes, this IS because Bad Batch is out right now.

So, the thing is, I find myself to be an idea man, my follow through of being a good GM is...well, lacking to say the least.

So what I thought I'd do is try to spark some interest in another wonderful person to be the GM, based on the ideas I throw out there.

Anyway, this idea predates the Bad Batch show, but I figure enjoyment of that show would provide a glut of interested players if the game was made.

Fluff side: Clone Force 13, aka "The Lucky 13th," are a Clone Commando unit that seem to be constantly and consistently plagued by bad luck. Bad intel that leads them into more resistance than expected, faulty equipment rotated into their armories, assisting in missions that have a horrifically high casualties rate for the normal Troopers, and other misfortunes to numerous too count. And yet despite these hardships, the squad has completed every mission to date. Not one member of the squad has gone through a mission without receiving a combat injury, but as of yet no deaths. Thus, the Troopers have taken to calling them The Lucky 13th, half as a derisive joke, half as a grudging acknowledgment of the odds they have overcome. As such, Clone Force 13 has taken the Demise Card (-13) from Sabacc as their squad symbol. Fully embracing their reputation for ill luck as a point of pride, because they have had to surmount odds that have lead to the destruction of other Clone Commando Squads. Now, as the Clone Wars enters its third year, and the end of the war approaches, the future of the squad is uncertain. But until then, they have missions to accomplish.

Mechanics side: I'm thinking this would be a game utilizing the Star Wars Saga Edition, as it not only has the stats for Clones as PCs, but they have stated out Commando equipment, such as Katarn-Class Commando Armor and the DC-17m ICWS. Have a squad of four or five PCs at level 8 (so they could have at least 1 level of Elite Trooper if they wanted, which Clone Commandos are considered to be Elite Troopers) with at least three levels of Soldier, and they have to take the Armored Defense and Improved Armored Defense Talents (I mean, Clones Commandos need to properly utilize their armor, don't they?), and everyone needs to take the Grand Army of the Republic Training Feat because...they would have it. Anyway, this squad of four or five would be flying around in a small shuttle, doing crazy SpecOps missions that always have incredible and unseen complications that the 13th has to overcome.

If that piqued your interest potential GMs (and players), I'd love to hear it!

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Fri 14 May 2021
at 19:50
SWSE - Clone Force 13 - aka "The Lucky 13th"
I made the game, so I can make you a GM if you are interested.

link to another game
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Fri 28 May 2021
at 21:30
SWSE - Clone Force 13 - aka "The Lucky 13th"
Still looking!
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 Ottawa, Canada
Tue 8 Jun 2021
at 13:15
SWSE - Clone Force 13 - aka "The Lucky 13th"
Hi DJ-Anarchy,

I had a similar idea, but it was more focused on the Mandalorians (pre-Empire), which could totally include some elements of commando warfare in the mix. It just won't be all Commando. It's not by any means ready yet, but I figured I'd reach out to potential gamers ahead of time to see if there's any interest.