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Tue 18 May 2021
at 13:49
Leashed-Witch Looking for a Hunters Game
Hey everyone, I'm hoping to find a GM who would be willing to run a contemporary monster/witch-hunter style game with a slight twist.  To be specific I'm hoping to play a version of the Boxed Crook trope taking the role of the 'leashed witch' to a group of hunters.  Good examples of a similar idea might be Witchhunter Robin, where the Craft-user members of the team are kept under close watch for signs of them going too far and becoming Witches, and even Hellboy to some extent, though that dynamic is a little more amicable than what I'm envisioning.

Obviously this sort of story trends toward darker subject matter and would probably require a Mature or Adult game depending on how the player group goes.  The nature of the scenario is such that there would be a fair amount of in-character tension between the hunters and the leashed witch.  I consider that dynamic to be rife with potential for interesting interactions.

As far as system goes I'm fairly flexible.  I'd prefer something with a bit more crunch to it than Freeform, with nWoD and CofD being personal favorites.  Just running as a mortal with a few of the supernatural merits from Hurt Locker in a party of tier 1 or 2 Hunters could capture the right feel fairly well I think. I'm also familiar with Fate Core and Dresden Files Accelerated, either of which could be a good fit.  More esoteric options might include Hero (I have 6e), and CJ Carella's Witchcraft, but I'm open to learning other systems if there's one that might fit even better.

Ideally this would be a game with other players taking the role of the hunters, but I'd be happy to talk over a solo version as well.  If anyone is willing to run such a game or think it might be fun to play as one of the hunters feel free to chime in!