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Wed 2 Jun 2021
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Harry Pptter Game Request Using Adapted 5e DND rules
Is there any DM willing to run a Harry Potter rpg game using the rules outlined in the link below?

May I also use this character? I like this character and I think he may an interesting and intriguing additiom to the game itself. Yes it is based on a horror movie character from the Friday the 13th movie franchise and in fact it is the same character the franchise is known for with a few modifications with a history to explain everything.

Name: Jason 'Jay' Voorhees Jarvis
Other Alias: J.J.
Age: 11
Blood: Half Blood(mother was an American witch)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Height: 2'7"
Weight: 143 lbs.

Description: JJ is of average height and weight for an 11 year old boy but is slightly athletic and somewhat rugged looking. He tends to where jeans and tshirts of bright colors and has a somewhat slovenly, laid back appearance to him. Even when he wears his robes. He is not necessarily untidy but he seems to avoid frivolity and primness most of the time, preferring to not stand out in that way and showing the more normal, non descript laid back approach. Occasionally when he is thoughtful or worried he has a habit of stroking the left side of his head out of habit. If one looks more closely you might see a very faint scar running along there.

Personality: JJ is a thoughtful, quiet boy with a bookwormish nature and a kind heart. But this meek exterior belies a very courageous and passionate person with strong morals and values. He is still a force to be reckoned with and can be very stubborn and set in his ways. He also has a dark, somewhat convictive side that is often ruthless and unyielding that he for the most part keeps in check. This can lead him to being very harsh and scathingly critical of others who he feels have done him or any innocents harm without justification. His sense of justice is still extreme and vengeful but he has learned to mellow out and learn to hold back. Just that old habits die hard.

House: Gryffindor
Spellcasting Technique: Willpower
School of Magic: Jinxes, Hexes and Curses
Background: Groudskeeper
Skills: Athletics, Intimidation, Magical Creatures, Survival
Feats: Martial Artist
Wand: 10.5" brittle english oak with a phoenix feather core
HP: 12

STR: 12
DEX: 10
CON: 14
INT: 14
WIS: 10
CHA: 16


Six years ago, the American wizarding community had had enough. It was largely debated whether or not to go after Jason Voorhees, the serial killer at Crystal Lake who had become an unstoppable supernatural killer after Tommy Jarvis accidentally resurrected hiim in 1986. For one thing they had no magical explanation to why the killer had become so indestructible and unstoppable. And it was largely a Muggle problem rather than a magical problem that seemed to be restricted to the general Crystal Lake area. But eventually it was discovered that Jason's mother Pamela was a witch. And a very powerful one at that. She somehow used her magical training to create Horcruxes out of the murder weapons she used in during the Camp Crystal Lake Massacre. So it was not just vengeance that drove her to kill the counsellors, it was to resurrect her son. It took many decades to locate the Horcruxes and destroy them. They were either stolen by others or well hidden by Mrs Voorhees. And they themselves had protective magics placed on them to make them difficult to destroy. Eventually they were successful and went after Jason Voorhees himself, now vulnerable and mortal despite his supernatural abilities. With the help of Tommy Jarvis they tracked the killer down and using powerful spells of their own managed to overpower him and cast one final killing curse to destroy him once and for all. But the result was far from expected. Instead of destroying Jason it split him into two beings. a 6 year old child and a monster, 'ghost' Jason.

With GhostJason incapacitated and in magical binding chains with close observation, it was soon realized that the child represented whatever humanity was left in Jason Voorhees. Instead of destroying Jason Voorhess they somehow wound up creating two Horcruxes of him, one representing his more human nature and the other being an indestructible killing machine. It was heatedly debated whether to kill one or the other or both. If Ghost Jason was destroyed there was a good chance that the now innocent little boy would die as well. But Tommy, perhas because he had seen so much death and destruction in his life and in part that he was not really entirely consumed by vengeance as Jason was, took pity on the boy and decided to take him in and raise him properly.

And so he did out of duty and maybe conscience and surprisingly both he and the child Jason now referred to as Jay or JJ wound up forming a father son bond that made them inseperable. Tommy was strict but fair, and never abusive. In some ways he could be as supportive and loving as Jason's mother only less possessive and more reasonable. For the next 5 years JJ grew up as a normal child. His hydrocephalus had been magically cured in an attempt to at least give him some normalcy with others. He gradually started to open up and with Tommy's help despite him carrying all the memories of his past life. He even went to school and made a few friends.

GhostJason has been magically 'imprisoned' at Camp Crystal Lake and a very restricted area of influence outside. Holding a powerful killing force with magical barriers has proven difficult at best. The barriers cannot keep people out of the area.

But at age 11 it was decided that he follow through with his wizarding heritage and attend wizarding school. But instead of going to Salem, it was decided that he would attend overseas at Hogwarts. And this is where his adventures begin!

Film References: Friday the 13th parts 1-8, Never Hike Alone, Never Hike in the Snow
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Wed 2 Jun 2021
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Harry Pptter Game Request Using Adapted 5e DND rules
call me intrigued :P if the game is made i'll apply
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Thu 3 Jun 2021
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Harry Pptter Game Request Using Adapted 5e DND rules
I don't have time to run another game at the moment, but I'd be up for playing.